b'AEGC 2023Short abstractsmineralisation styles call for integrated use of complementaryvariation of natural frequency with coupling can result in the geophysical technique, and for their further development.output of the geophones varying across the survey area if the Gravity always played a crucial role, later accompanied by EMcoupling varies.methods. Modelling Induced Polarisation (IP) effects recorded in time domain Airborne Electromagnetic (AEM) and extendingComplicating the identification of coupling effects is the depth of exploration below conductive cover are some of theinfluence of ambient noise. Wind noise, for example, occurs challenges that need to be met for more successful applicationsboth from the impact of the wind on the geophones, but of AEM. The goal of this work is not only to properly modelpredominantly from the wind moving surrounding vegetation IP effects in AEM data (AIP): we also aim to integrate thewhich creates noise that is transmitted through the ground. As spectrally-modelled chargeability recovered from AIP withbetter coupling improves the ability of the geophone to record the classical ground galvanic time domain DCIP chargeability.ground motion, then it necessarily also results in an apparent The integration will be done both in terms of modellingincrease in transmitted wind noise. Better coupling, however, and interpretation and it points to enhance the knowledgealso improves the strength of the signal component and thus about the AIP phenomenology and its capabilities to detectthe SNR of the data improves.significative geological signature for disseminates and sulphidesImproving the coupling of geophones often involves burying exploration. A better understaing of the AIP phenomenologythem, which obviously requires additional time and therefore and its relatioships with the geology, from a real case study,expense. The question, therefore, is if the additional expense can lead to rethink the use of the modelled AIP effects in AEMtaken to improve geophone coupling is worthwhile, and are opening new opportunities in how we explore for minerals. there alternative approaches to reducing ambient noise? As part of a recent survey we conducted an experiment using a variety of differently coupled geophones. The results, from both Nuclear weapons as a seismic source. shot records and stacks, show the importance of geophone Tim Dean 1 and Matt Grant2 emplacement to seismic data quality.1 BHPHollywood geophysics: What can we learn from the use 2 Anglo American of geophysics in the movies, and on TV?The Brookings Institute estimates that between 1940 and 1996Tim Dean and Tim Bricethe US spent nearly US$5.5 trillion ($5 500 000 000 000) on nuclear weapons. In an attempt to further utilise this massiveBHPinvestment (beyond the obvious application) the US department of energy created Operation Plowshare. The project ran fromExploration geophysical techniques (rather than movies about 1957 until 1977 and was centred on finding peaceful uses forthe end of the world) make occasional appearances in movies nuclear weapons (the project title references a biblical quotesuch as Jurassic Park (1993) and Godzilla: King of the monsters from Isiah they shall beat their swords into plowshares). (2019). It really gained prominence, however, with the success of the TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in 2000. The success Of particular interest to the resource industry were theof CSI (the most watched show in the US and worldwide) Gasbuggy (1967), Rulison (1969) and Rio Blanco (1973) testsresulted in a number of spin-offs (CSI: Vegas, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, that were aimed at stimulating low-permeability gas fields. Theand CSI: Cyber) and imitators (NCIS, Bones, and Castle).largest of these (Rulison) involved the detonation of a 40 kT device (more than 2.5 times the yield at the weapon droppedBeing centred around crime-solving, a major component of on Hiroshima in WW2) at a depth of 2600 m. In this paper wethese shows is the search for often-buried evidence (usually look at the background of these projects before examining thecorpses and skeletons), and thus the most often employed seismic signature of these explosions and comparing it to moregeophysical technique is ground-penetrating radar - although conventional sources. We finish by discussing possible futureseismic methods are occasionally employed. Another TV genre applications for nuclear weapons as seismic sources. that employs geophysics is paranormal investigations such as Ghost Hunters, that use geophysical instruments to measure vibrations, electromagnetic fields, and even radiation. Although The importance of geophone emplacement fornot fictional, archaeological shows such as Time Team also onshore seismic surveys. employ geophysical (or Geofizz as its referred to on the show) techniques such as resistivity, magnetics and GPR.Tim Dean 1 and Shaun Strong2In this paper we show examples of the employment of geophysics 1 BHPin the entertainment industry and discuss both how realistic they 2 Velseis Pty Ltd are, and if there is anything we can learn from their employment.One of the inherent requirements for a successful onshore seismic survey is to ensure that ground motion is measuredAssessing and reducing the environmental impact of accurately. Our ability to record ground motion is greatlyonshore geophysical surveys.affected by the inherent response of the geophone and its coupling to the ground. Most practitioners are familiar withTim Dean 1 Denis Sweeney1 and Julia Miller2the natural (resonant) frequency and damping of geophone1 BHP elements. Less well known, is that coupling also has a resonant2 Aureconfrequency. If a geophone is inadequately coupled then this resonant frequency can appear in the bandwidth of interest.Protecting the natural environment is becoming increasingly Unlike the natural frequency of a geophone, however, thisimportant, with a January 2020 Ipsos poll finding that Australians 91 PREVIEW FEBRUARY 2023'