b'Education matters People need to understand digitalisationunderstand under which conditionsresearchers and scientists. We need its not the goal; its a mean of gettingit will fail. It is especially important,well-trained specialists. And again, something. And when we do digitalisation,for example, if you are modelling theyou need brilliantly educated people we must know why we are doing that. energy grid. Because the modellingto lead the change. On top of these MP: What are the main areas whereis the first step to understandingthings, we need people aware of digitalisation can help with energythe potential weak spots, and its ansafety because safety, particularly in transition? excellent risk management tool. Im notestablishing new technology, is crucial. an energy systems expert, but I cannotThere is not a single type of specialist. NK: The first is research and technology.see the energy transition withoutAs you can see, its all about range. A Second, I would say accurate modelsdigitalisation. balanced range of specialists because of complex systems are somethingMP: And a few words about specialistssome tasks require training, some absolutely crucial. Why do you needwe will need to pursue the hydrogenrequire education, and some require to model complex systems? You needeconomy in Australia. vision and leadership.to run the various scenarios and not just report the positive result - yes, itNK: All of the above. We need peopleMP: Thank you so much for sharing your works. You need to run the model andwith vision. We need outstandinginsights.FEBRUARY 2023 PREVIEW 42'