b'PeopleNewsVale: Joe Cucuzza, MD of AMIRA Ltd and a Past President of the ASEGup sponsors for seven further major research projects, and expertly managed the expectations and deliverables of researchers and sponsors alike. Mining companies and their geophysicists came and went, but Joe always found out what their exploration problems might be, and who could potentially help solve them. He was universally respectful of, and respected by, all in the industry.These projects were vastly more than exploration solutions. Approximately 20 graduate students had unparalleled opportunities to pursue cutting-edge research projects drawing on both academic and industry resources. The projects delivered results and more importantly, highly skilled scientists, into the geophysics profession. Andy Green (the first Director of the CRCAMET) comments all the participants of CRCAMET look back on Joes outstanding contribution to the Centres collaborative research projects with undiluted respect for his balanced approach to the sometimes conflicting priorities of researchers and industry participants.Asbjorn Christensen offers a supplementary view, describing Joe as a master of the art of herding cats, a skilled diplomat with an unerring sense of the best possible outcome for the industry and a great listener with a quiet humour. Joe was also a black belt practitioner of karate; as far as we Joe Cucuzza know he never had to draw on those A giant in the affairs of geophysics andthe Deep Exploration Technologiesphysical skills, but the allied teachings on more generally exploration geoscience,Collaborative Research Centre centredself-control undoubtedly aided him in Joe Cucuzza passed away in Decemberat Adelaide University, which ran forawkward moments. What is certain is that 2022 after a two-year battle witheight years from 2010-18, with fundingthe collaborations he delivered played leukemia. of over AU$100 million over eight yearsa major role in advancing exploration from industry, government and partnergeophysics, particularly in Australia, In 31 years with AMIRA he played a vitalinstitutions.but also involving many international role in initiating and overseeing Industry- companies and supporters. Joe was Government-Academic collaborationsA previous major CRC initiative wasproactive over the years in meeting via funded research projects. At a higherthe Cooperative Research Centrecompany representatives not only to level as Managing Director 2012-19, hefor Australian Mineral Explorationseek direct support for specified projects, led the development of two global roadTechnologies (CRCAMET) centred atbut also to publicise the importance mapping initiatives: Copper technologyMacquarie University, Sydney, and Curtinand effectiveness of industry-academic and Drilling technology. His most recentUniversity, Perth. That CRC became aresearch partnerships.achievements included developing thepowerhouse of geophysical research West Africa Exploration Initiative (WAXI),and graduate-level teaching from 1992Joe was active within the ASEG, joining an exemplar project. to 2000; it was initiated under Joesas a student in 1975, serving on the predecessor at AMIRA, Jim May, andExecutive Committee for five years As a Research Director (reporting to theJoe played a key role in putting piecesand rising to become President in CEO) for AMIRA, prior to his becomingtogether. Jim Macnae recalls Joe was2007-08. He also served on the ASEG Managing Director, Joe managed asolely responsible for persuading me toResearch Foundation Committee from team responsible for a portfolio of uppropose my first collaborative researchits inception, and as Chairman from to 34 projects worth $28 million. Aproject to AMIRA in electromagnetics1997- 2001. This work also was an flagship project was his initiation andfor mineral exploration. Over the nextoutcome of his commitment to the management of the successful bid for20 years, Joe singlehandedly rustleddevelopment of the next generation FEBRUARY 2023 PREVIEW 10'