b'PostersAEGC 2023AEGC 2023: PostersPoster ID Poster Title Presenter name1 Experimental investigation and geochemical interpretation of in-situ formed carbonated brine/sandstone interaction:Dr Duraid Al-bayatiImplication of CO 2geo-sequestration7 Interpretation of gravity and magnetic data on the hot dry rocks (HDR) delineation for the enhanced geothermalMr Tom Zhaosystem (EGS) in Gonghe town, China32 The position of studying space sciences in Africa: Opportunities and potentials Mr Babagana Abubakar34 The complex petroleum system of the Rankin Trend and Brigadier Trend, Northern Carnarvon Basin, Australia. NewMr Vincent Dykmansinsights from the Triassic Mungaroo Formation in Ironbark-1.40 Understanding potential resource prospectivity: 1-D burial and thermal history modelling of the Adavale Basin Ms Tehani Palu44 Electromagnetic response of MVT Pb-Zn deposits on the Lennard Shelf, Canning Basin Mr Alex Zhan48 GSWA Regional Petrophysics Data Acquisition (RPDA) Mrs Cristina Angheluta52 Pre-stack seismic inversion for windfarm applications Dr Esben Dalgaard55 MAG-GAN: A deep learning, image super resolution technique for aeromagnetic data Mr Anthony Benn57 Environmental controls on the resilience of Scott Reefs, NWS, Australia since the Miocene: Insights from 3D seismic data Ms Carra Williams59 Efficient irrigation management for sustainability of agriculture and environment Dr Rajwinder Kaur60 Structure and burial history of the South Nicholson Basin, NE Australia Mr Harikrishnan Nalinakumar61 Integrated measures for soil and water management Dr Rajwinder Kaur67 MagResource: An environmentally conscious, geophysical approach to resource definition Dr James Austin75 Delineation of regolith zones in nickel laterite using electromagnetic imaging: Ravensthorpe, Western Australia. Miss Lucy Soares dos Santos96 Textural effects in spectral induced polarization measurements of electron-conducting minerals: Disseminated versusMs Nuray Onculveinlet minerals104 Repurposing geotechnical data for energy transition Mr Jess Kozman111 Building a national high-resolution geophysics reference collection for 2030 computation Dr Nigel Rees112 Using seismic trace density for optimal 3D seismic survey design Dr Mostafa Naghizadeh117 Insights for hydrocarbon exploration in igneous province: Tectono-magmatic evolution of the Browse Basin, Northwest Shelf Mr Kosuke Tsutsui119 Is the Aki and Richards approximation really practical to estimate AVO responses?: Case study of the Browse Basin Mr Satoshi Ishikawa126 Groundwater geochemistry as exploration tool through cover Dr Joseph Tang129 Geomechanical simulation to model creep deformation of salt formation Miss Princy Agrahari145 Regional mapping of the disruption of source magnetisation estimates by near-surface magnetisations Dr Clive Foss146 Sweet-spots for estimation of source magnetisation direction Dr Clive Foss148 Evaluation of 3-component fluxgates as sensors for drone infill of regional aeromagnetic anomalies over small andDr Clive Fossshallow sources149 Non-destructive bulk remanent magnetisation measurement from outcrop magnetic field mapping Dr Clive Foss150 Comparison between downhole and core gamma measurements for lithology logging and stratigraphic correlation Mr Sekelo Mutelekesha153 Geoelectrical research activities to support groundwater investigations, Kesaben Village, Lebaksiu District, TegalDr Aryono AdhiRegency, Central Java159 Application of machine learning for inversion of surface wave dispersion graphs Mr Anatolii Pakhomenko171 Combining seismic interpretation, gravity inversion and forward modelling finds new structures in the Otway Basin. Mr Matt Boyd199 Quantifying subterranean fauna habitats and geological features interconnections Miss Maria Clara Lopes Paula202 Insights into wettability and relative permeability curves of coal Miss Wen Xi204 Gravity modelling of crooked line traverses to constrain Southeast Lachlan Crustal Transect 2 D seismic reflectionMr Phil Skladzieninterpretations in the Australian Alps211 From pointwise data toward a continuous description of 3D stress tensor: an example from the Northern Bowen Basin Dr Mojtaba Rajabi221 Prediction of geomechanical properties from geophysical logs using machine learning approach Mr Rasoul Ranjbarkarami222 Automated permeability prediction from basic petrophysical logs Mr Puskar Pramanik239 Advanced petrophysical applications and data integration to discriminate primary and secondary pyritisation forMr Borzou Zeinprospecting242 LithoSurferA unique relational database platform for exploration data Dr Fabian Kohlmann244 Compositional geostatistics for modelling of coal seam and associated ply properties Mr Kane Maxwell252 Application of wireline petrophysical data in quantitative stress and geotechnical analysis for stability risk assessment Dr Roland Dashti254 Adding rocks to data: Integrating drill core imagery and down-hole data with machine learning. Dr Rian Dutch258 Practical education in data acquisition for geophysicists Dr Anton Kepic266 Land DAS streamer for rapid seismic acquisition Mr Andrej Bona281 Evolution of regional-scale airborne magnetic and radiometric data in the NT Ms Tania Dhu287 Depositional environment and genesis of acid drainage of some Coal deposits in South Africa Dr Lindani Ncube289 A combined approach to improve prospectivity analysisintegrating geological knowledge and machine learning Dr Mark Rieuwers293 Practical observations of the use of airborne electromagnetic surveys in covered terrains Mr Jarrad Luce294 Petrophysical characteristics of the Gawler Craton Mr Tim KeepingFEBRUARY 2023 PREVIEW 70'