b'Branch newsASEG newssource theres a hard limit of only 2.55 x 1018 delegates allowed. Its sure to be a super-duper conference of astronomical proportions.Lastly, Victorian Branch had an exceptionally busy 2022, hosting multiple social and technical events. Going by the expenditure figures from our severely depleted account, it was probably our biggest year in decades. The committee graciously give thanks to Victorian members for their unyielding support - we hope to have the same solid endorsement from members again this yearexcept from that one member that keeps asking me to step down as president. Weirdo. See you in Brisvegas!Thong Huynh vicpresident@aseg.org.auWestern AustraliaASEG WAs Modern Applications of Ken Witherly presenting to Victorian Branch members. Geophysics (MAG22) symposium was largely unseen in the present is no small2nd ASEG conferences held in the earlywell-attended in early November 2022 feat, and arouses suspicions similar to1970s in Adelaide (who stuffed that one thanks in part to the WA COVID border what my psychiatrist often expresses toup?!?!). I was initially upset when I learntrestrictions being lifted. Our thanks also me in no uncertain terms and that is, itBrisbane would be given the honoursto the NRG for a new initiative to fund sounds a little crazy. What engineeringagain because Melbourne was supposedinterstate students to attend MAG22, or technological advances do youto have been next in line to host this 4thand we would welcome future donations envisage explorationists will conjureAEGC. Any animosity and friction I mayof this kind to help students and young up in order to loot, pillage and plunderhave fostered against the organisersprofessionals in the field. More detail what finite remaining valuable resourceshave since been settled out of court. Itsabout MAG22 can be found elsewhere in we have left? Calling all potentialactually quite distasteful when someonethis issue of Preview.geofuturologists for your input. Here,declares taking money in considerationThe WA Branch also took the opportunity Ill start - I predict the developmentfor a concession. I would never doto run a Tech night in November, of a highly invasive airborne seismicthat. Im actually a little distracted andwith guest presenter Ken Witherly, system. Can you imagine the energyslightly annoyed at the moment, havinga fun social event and several Young requirements or the damage it wouldmisplaced the keys to my recentlyProfessional networking events.cause to the surrounding flora, fauna,delivered 24-foot yacht (courtesy of the people and property? Where can weASEG). Be sure to register for the AEGCIn order to promote awareness of secure some venture capital to kick this2023 ASAP. Ive been told from a trustedgeophysics, the ASEG WA attended the off?! On a more serious note, there is thunderous commotion surrounding the field of geobiology being peddled as the next plate tectonics revolution. I dont understand it enough (or care about biology enough) to imagine the potential breakthroughs it may one day deliver.So, the 4th Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference (AEGC 2023) is rolling around. It will be held in Brisbane (again) because they cried foul after COVID torpedoed their limelight hosting the conference back in September 2021, when it became clear that Queensland would impose hard border restrictions on travellers from the other states. It is only the second time a city has hosted the ASEG/AESC/AEGC back-to-back. The first occasion being the 1st andFamiliar faces enjoying MAG22.FEBRUARY 2023 PREVIEW 8'