b'Presidents pieceASEG newsPresidents pieceso looking forward to seeing you all infocused on to strengthen the value that person in Brisbane from March 13 to 18. we deliver as a society.The AEGC 2023 continues a storiedCreating a sustainable model for the history of the ASEG planning andASEG for the next 50 years will require delivering quality conferences andus to respond to the changing context exhibitions. This will be the 26thand implement strategies to improve conference and exhibition that the ASEGthe volunteer experience, understand has led. This is a phenomenal recordand communicate the identity of the and one that as ASEG Members weASEG, and create, articulate and deliver should all be proud, not just because thisexceptional Member value. These topics Emma Brand conference so perfectly aligns with ourhave all been the subject of my past Societys aims and objects, but becausecolumns, however the key takeaway is Members and readers this conference is so critical to ourthat the ASEG is strong, but not immune financial stability and sustainability. Overto the headwinds we face. What has Welcome to 2023! I truly hope that you,the last 50 years our financial health hasserved us in the past, may not serve us your family and loved ones had a restfulbeen strongly connected to the financialinto the future and well need to adapt and restorative holiday period, or if yououtcomes of the conference and itto ensure the continued sustainability of were working over the period, I hopecontinues to be so. The AEGC conferenceour Society.that you knocked out work like nobodyshas therefore been of critical importanceIn addition to the AEGC conference, business! to the future sustainability of the ASEGa stable and supportive membership over the last 50 years, and will likelybase is also critical to the ongoing 2023 is here, and we have a massivecontinue to be for the next 50.year of geophysics in front of us.sustainability of the ASEG. Therefore, the Number one is the first in-personHowever, as a prudent society we mustcall to action today to you as a Member Australasian Exploration Geoscienceexplore the consequences of focusingor potential Member of the ASEG is to Conference since 2018. This is incrediblyour financial health on a singular event,renew or join for 2023. Your membership exciting, as the conference is ourand this year the FEDEX have engagedof the ASEG is deeply appreciated and premier forum for sharing qualityin many conversations regarding theensures that the ASEG will deliver on our geophysical science, connecting withfuture of the ASEG and how we mightnumber one aim as a society, which is colleagues, customers and clients, andcreate more resilience for our on-goingto promote the science of geophysics, learning about new developments infinancial position. Before I continue, Iand specifically exploration geophysics, the market through the Exhibition.should stress that the ASEG continues tothroughout Australia.The conference website is an excellentbe in an extraordinarily strong financialAs always, I am open to your thoughts, resource and Id encourage you to visitposition, with robust cash reserves.feedback and suggestions, so please it regularly as updates are regularlyHowever, we cannot rest on our laurels.dont hesitate to connect.being announced regarding theIn this column over the last 10 months, conference programme and the full andI have outlined the headwinds thatEmma Brand half day workshops. Its a privilege to begeophysics, and by extension the ASEG,ASEG President President in a conference year, and Imface but also, many initiatives that werepresident@aseg.org.auThe ASEG in social mediaHave you liked/followed/subscribed to our social media channels? We regularly share relevant geoscience articles, events, opportunities and lots more. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for recorded webinars and other content. Email our Communications Chair Mosayeb K. Zahedi at communications@aseg.org.au for suggestions for our social media channels.Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AustralianSocietyOfExplorationGeophysicistsLinkedIn company page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/australian-society-of-exploration-geophysicists/Twitter: https://twitter.com/ASEG_newsYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvsVEu1pVw_BdYOyi2avLgInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/aseg_news/ 3 PREVIEW FEBRUARY 2023'