b'Geophysics in the surveys NewsTable 5.Seismic reflection surveys Location Client State SurveyLineGeophoneVP/SPRecordTechnique Commentsname km interval interval lengthPerdirkaGA SA/ Shallow~1800 Varies Varies3-6 sec2DGA commissioned additional reprocessing of selected BasinNT legacy data shallowlegacy 2D seismic data in the Pedirka Basin, SA and NT, Phase 2 legacyas part of the Exploring for the Future programme. The data,objective was to produce a modern industry standard explosive,2D land seismic reflection dataset to assist in imaging vibroseisthe subsurface. Reprocessing of these data by Geofizika is complete. The data package is available on request via http://pid.geoscience.gov.au/dataset/ga/146309.Darling GA SA,Darling ~1275 10 10/40 20 2D DeepThis survey will create an image of important crustal CurnamonaNSW,CurnamonaCrustal/ boundaries including the structure of the Delamerian VIC highmargin, which runs through NSW, SA and Vic, separating DelamerianDelamerianresolutionolder rocks of the Gawler Craton and Curnamona deepdeepvibroseisProvince from younger rocks of the Lachlan Fold Belt crustalcrustalseismic(Tasmanides). Acquisition commenced in Jun 2022 and reflection reflectionsurvey survey. concluded in Aug. Raw data for this survey are available survey on request from clientservices@ga.gov.au Quote eCat# 147423. Data are currently being processed.CentralGA Qld/ Shallow~1257 VariesVaries 3-20 sec2DGA commissioned reprocessing of selected legacy 2D AustralianSA legacy datashallowseismic data in Qld and SA, as part of the Exploring basins & deepfor the Future programme, Australias Future Energy legacyResources Project. The objective is to produce a modern data,industry standard 2D land seismic reflection dataset to explosive,assist in imaging the subsurface. Reprocessing of these vibroseis data is underway.AdavaleQld SA,Deep andVariesVaries3-20 sec2DGA commissioned reprocessing of selected legacy 2D Basin NSW,shallowshallowseismic data in the Adavale Basin, Queensland Australia, VIC legacy data & deepData driven Discoveries Initiative. The objective is to legacyproduce a modern industry standard 2D land seismic data,reflection dataset to assist in imaging the subsurface. explosive,Reprocessing of these data is underway.vibroseis Table 6.Passive seismic surveys Location Client State SurveyTotal number ofSpacing Technique Commentsname stations deployedAustralia GA Various AusArray About 180~200 kmBroad-bandThe survey will cover all of Australia to establish continental-temporal seismicspacing~18 months ofscale model of lithospheric structure and serve as a stations observationsbackground framework for more dense (~50km) movable seismic arrays. Deployment of this national array commenced with an initial 11 seismic stations deployed in the NT in 2021. Deployments in SA and NSW commenced in Apr 2022 and will progress through other states during 2022.NorthernGAQld/NTAusArrayAbout 265 broad- 50 kmBroad-bandThe survey covers the area between Tanami, Tennant Creek, Australia band seismic1-2 yearsUluru and the WA border. The first public data release of the stations observationstransportable array was in 2020, with further data and model releases expected by Dec 2022.See: http://www.ga.gov.au/eftf/minerals/nawa/ausarray Various applications of AusArray data are described in the following Exploring for the Future extended abstracts:AusArray overview: http://pid.geoscience.gov.au/dataset/ ga/135284Body wave tomography: http://pid.geoscience.gov.au/ dataset/ga/134501Ambient noise tomography (including an updated, higherresolution model for the Tennant Creek to Mount Isa region): http://pid.geoscience.gov.au/dataset/ga/135130 Northern Australia Moho: http://pid.geoscience.gov.au/dataset/ga/135179Australia GA Various AusArray,12 high-sensitivity~1000 km Broad-bandSemi-permanent seismic stations provide a back-bone for semi- broad-band4 yearsmovable deployments and complement the Australian permanent seismic stations observations National Seismological Network (ANSN) operated by GA, ensuring continuity of seismic data for lithospheric imaging and quality control. Associated data can be accessed through http://www.iris.edu23 PREVIEW FEBRUARY 2023'