b'Presenter biographiesAEGC 2023GSNSW by explorers as part of their annual reportinginternationally. A later focus on EM saw him providing requirements). In her time working for private industry, sheconsulting services to various WA based nickel explorers, before worked mostly on environmental, engineering and unexplodedtaking a position with Ivanhoe Australia as Senior Geophysicist, ordnance related geophysics. supporting their exploration team with multi-commodity exploration in NW QLD. After a period consulting with Ms Lidena Carr Lidena.carr@ga.gov.au GeoDiscovery Group, Grant joined SGC in 2019 as Principal Dr Gareth Chalmers gchalmers@usc.edu.au Gareth ChalmersGeophysicist where he is a senior member of their technical has used geochemistry, petrophysics and sedimentology toteam.investigate coal seam gas and shale reservoirs since 2002 atMr Devin Cowan dcowan@eoas.ubc.ca Devin C. Cowan is a University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada. He also worked atresearch scientist at the University of British Columbias Shell to develop the Duvernay shale reservoir. Gareth currentlyGeophysical Inversion Facility. Devin completed a Bachelors of lectures at the University of the Sunshine Coast and isScience in physics and earth sciences at the University of researching Australian gas reservoirs. His MSc (NewcastleVictoria in 2012. And in 2016, he completed a Masters of University) expanded sequence stratigraphy into coal-bearingScience in geophysics at the University of British Columbia. strata by correlating surfaces using coal petrology. Gareth thenDevin is very invested in improving efficacy in the application of completed his PhD at UBC where he used to investigate shale3D geophysical inversion. He is also a regular contributor to and coal gas resources. Gareth is currently investigating theSimPEG; an open-source Python-based package for simulating origin and distribution of toxic H2S gas within unconventionaland inverting geophysical data.reservoirs.Dr Jaeyoung Choi jchoi@kist.re.kr Jaeyoung Chois research hasDr Esben Dalgaard ed@solidground.xyz Esben Dalgaard has a focused on study of environmental soil chemistry, hazardousPhD in hydrogeophysics working on processing and inversion of chemical, and subsurface ecology. His research has beenEM methods. He has worked in the oil and gas industry for the directed towards developing treatment systems for hazardouslast eight years as a QI geophysicist. He founded SolidGround in wastes (TCE, PCB, uranium, heavy metal), contaminated soils,2021, a company working on integrated data interpretation for groundwater, and atmosphere. Recently, he has have extendedgeotechnical applications.his activities into the sequestration of carbon dioxide usingDr James Daniell james.daniell@fendergeophysics.com.au James microalgae and carbon mineralisation. Daniell has over 20 years of experience in applying geophysics to Mr Chibuzo Chukwu chibuzo.chukwu@monash.edu Chibuzoenvironmental, geotechnical, and geoscientific field studies. began his geophysics career as a young lecturer in Nigeria inThroughout his career he has worked across the public service, 2013 before starting a research position with the Structural andacademia, and the private sector. His field-based activities have Geophysics Group at Monash University. He is currently an ASEGfocussed on both terrestrial and marine environments.Foundation Grant recipient. He has experience in geophysicalDr Roland Dashti rolanddashti@wirelineservices.com.au surveys, processing and interpretation of potential fields,Roland has more than 18 years experience in various domains seismic and near-surface geophysical data for mineralof exploration, resource evaluation and production geology in exploration, and tectonic studies. Chibuzos PhD research seeksboth oil and gas and mining industries. He has served in to understand the role of pre-existing structures in thedifferent positions such as exploration geologist, structural evolution of triple junctions through a multi-scale and multi- geologist, geotechnical specialist and petrophysicist in these disciplinary approach that includes structural geology, potentialtwo industries. He has BSc, Msc and PhD degree in geology. field geophysics, seismic, well-logs, 2D & 3D modelling, machineRoland has published more than 20 papers in peer reviewed learning and drone surveys. journals and conferences.Mr Jon Cocker jon.cocker@beachenergy.com.au Jon Cocker hasMr Francesco Dauti francesco.dauti@unimi.it Francesco is a been Manager of Geophysics at Beach Energy since 2017. PhD student from University of Milan in mineral exploration Mr John Coffin coffin@delft-inversion.com John Coffin is thegeophysics. His interests are in electrical an electromagnetics Business Manager for Delft Inversion based in Perth. A graduatemethod and he is currently working on Induced Polarisation in geophysics from Leicester University he has been employedeffects in TEM data.in the energy industry for more than 30 years. John has workedDr Tim Dean tim.dean@angloamerican.com Tim Dean is a for Digicon, SSL, Schlumberger, Hampson-Russell, Veritas andSpecialist Project Geoscientist for Anglo American. Prior to CGG in a variety of roles covering seismic acquisition,joining Anglo American he was a Specialist Geophysicist at BHP processing, and interpretation. Following an extensive careerand a Research Fellow within the Department of Exploration with Hampson-Russell (later CGG), he joined Delft Inversion inGeophysics at Curtin University. This followed an extensive 2020. Since then, he has been busy developing Wave Equationcareer at Schlumberger/WesternGeco/Western Geophysical in a Based AVO Inversion (WEB-AVO) as a new benchmark for ourvariety of roles including marine and land field operations, industry. John is an active member of ASEG, SEG, EAGE, PESA,software development, and research located in Saudi Arabia, SEAPEX. England, Norway and Australia. Following his final position Mr Steve Collins scollins@arctan.com.au within Schlumberger as Principal Research Geophysicist at the Schlumberger Fibre-Optic Technology Centre Tim joined Mr Grant Couston grant.couston@sgc.com.au Grant possessesHawkEye Technology (a division of Sony) as a Project Advisor for over 20 years experience as a geophysicist in the mineralthe introduction of goal-line technology into the UEFA exploration industry. He graduated from the Curtin University inChampions League. He also conducted research into the use of 1999 with Honours before working for several geophysicalsensors within sports as diverse as cricket, AFL, and volleyball. contractors, covering projects throughout Australia andTim has an Honours degree in geophysics from Curtin University 159 PREVIEW FEBRUARY 2023'