b'Webwaves WebwavesIt is trained on a dataset of about 570A: Dipole-dipole and pole-dipole arrays GB of text data taken from the internet.are both types of electrode arrays used in ChatGPT is a version of the GPT-3 modelelectrical resistivity imaging (ERI) to study fine-tuned for conversational and chat- subsurface geology.based applications (https://arxiv.org/abs/2005.14165). Dipole-dipole array is a type of electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) that uses two current Currently, OpenAI have enabled freeelectrodes and two potential electrodes access to the Beta of ChatGPT and it can bearranged in a line. This array is known for accessed here - (https://chat.openai.com/ its high sensitivity to subsurface resistivity chat). In a blog post (https://openai.com/ variations, and it is particularly useful for blog/chatgpt/), OpenAI do discuss some ofmapping shallow subsurface structures. The the limitations of ChatGPT, which include: dipole-dipole array is also relatively easy to set up and use, and it is less sensitive to the effects Ian JamesWriting plausible but incorrect orof surface topography than other arrays.ASEG Webmaster nonsensical answerswebmaster@aseg.org.au Being sensitive to input phrasing Pole-dipole array, also known as Wenner Being overly verbose array, is another type of electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) that uses one current OK then, it can write a better poem thanelectrode and two potential electrodes ChatGPT and geophysics I can, but how does it do with a fewarranged in a line. It is known for its ability Deep beneath the earths crust lies a tale, questions about geophysics: to image deeper subsurface structures than Of tectonic plates and seismic wails. Q: What is the Australian Explorationthe dipole-dipole array. It is more sensitive The shifting of the plates, slow but sure, Geoscience Conference? to the effects of surface topography than Creates mountains, earthquakes, and sodipole-dipole array and is less sensitive to much more. A: The Australian Exploration Geosciencethe subsurface resistivity variations.Conference (AEGC) is a biennial Volcanoes that spout and geysers thatconference that focuses on the latestExcuse me, I dont think that a pole-spray, advances in exploration geoscience anddipole array is a Wenner array. Let us try All caused by the movement deep belowtheir applications to the discovery andsomething slightly different:the clay. development of mineral, energy, and waterQ: What is the difference between a Hot spots and rift valleys, the storyresources. The conference is organised bydipole-dipole and pole-dipole resistivity unfolds, the Australian Institute of GeoscientistsarrayAs geophysics unveils the secrets it holds. (AIG) and is typically held in Australia.A: A dipole-dipole resistivity array involves The earths magnetic field, a shield from theNot bad. In addition to the above, moreplacing two current electrodes a fixed sun, detail was provided, all factually correct.distance apart, and measuring the And the study of its strength is just begun. However, this first paragraph (above) onlypotential difference between two other We measure and map, the earths everynotes AIG, not the other organisationselectrodes also a fixed distance apart, but feature, ASEG and PESA, and suggests that thelocated at a different position.Geophysics is the study of natures creature. conference is only typically held in Australia. Overall, pretty good. A pole-dipole resistivity array is similar, The earth is a wonder, and geophysics thebut with one current electrode and one key, Q: What is the difference betweenpotential electrode, and the current and To unlock its secrets, and set them free. Slingram and in-loop EM configurations? potential electrodes are moved to different So let us delve deep, into its mysteriesA: The main difference between in-looppositions to take multiple measurements.untold, and Slingram configurations is the way theBoth arrays are used to map subsurface And discover the beauty, in the earths storyloop is moved. In-loop is moved by a personelectrical resistivity, and the choice of which told. or vehicle over the surface of the groundarray to use will depend on the specific and Slingram is flown over the surface ofsurvey design and objectives.No, Ive not become a poet. I askedthe ground by aircraft.ChatGPT to write a poem for me aboutOK, now our pole-dipole (Wenner array) geophysics. Impressive, and doesnt look toWorse. I asked the same question sevenis being described as a pole-pole array. be plagiarised. In November 2022, OpenAItimes and received overly verbose yetClearly our chatbot does not know much released the Beta of ChatGPT, a chat botarticulate responses every time, withabout resistivity arrays.that has been generating considerablevarying degrees of error. I was also attention in the media for its ability toinformed that in-loop surveys are quickerSo how useful is ChatGPT for geophysics? fluently converse on a range of topics. and cheaper to acquire and have lowerCaution is advised. For simple questions, resolution. Varying the input to focus onthe responses are surprisingly good, but GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer)MLEM or ground EM did not improve thebe prepared to do some fact checking on is a language generation modelresults. any answers, especially as the questions developed by OpenAI. GPT-3 is theget more specific. Then again, if you are largest and most powerful version ofQ: What are the relative merits of dipole- only after a poem on geophysics, youll the model, with 175 billion parameters.dipole and pole-dipole arrays get a better result than coming to me!47 PREVIEW FEBRUARY 2023'