b'Geophysics in the surveysNewsonly values within their range, the resulting outputs show phenomenal improvement (Figure 3).Release of these products will be ongoing throughout 2023 and beyond and they will be made available for download through our web portal MinView.Sam Matthew and Astrid Carlton Geological Survey of New South Wales samuel.matthews@regional.nsw.gov.au astrid.carlton@planning.nsw.gov.auFigure 2.The area of the Central NSW ultra-high-resolution merge (red). Blue polygons represent surveys flown at 50 m line spacing which contribute to far higher resolution than is possible to display in the state-wide merge products.Figure 3.Comparison of K-Th-U radiometric ternary images over the Broken Hill 1:250 000 map sheet in western NSW. Left displays the data when stretched to the map sheet, whereas right displays the data as clipped directly from the state-wide merge.FEBRUARY 2023 PREVIEW 28'