b'Geophysics in the surveysNewsGeological Survey of Queensland: See ya La Nia!2023 promises to be a big year in Queensland, with a multitude of acquisition programmes being planned for the forthcoming year! The $37.5 million of funding in support of exploration for critical minerals as part of the Queensland Resources Industry Development Plan will see $10 million spent on geophysical projects to add to the wealth of pre-competitive data already available to the industry.The ambitious geophysical acquisition programme spans magnetic and radiometric, AEM and AGG coverage, as well as a planned deep crustal seismic survey in the north of the State. These programmes are in advanced planning stages, with acquisition to be rolled out over the next two years. The focus will be on supporting the expansion of critical minerals exploration in Queensland with modern precompetitive geophysical datasets. We will also be sneaking in an update to the Australian Fundamental Gravity Network early this year.In collaboration with Geoscience Australia, we will be expanding the AusAEM coverage to the northeast of Queensland over an area that has been neglected in recent years due to the focus on exploration in the Northwest Mineral Province. This will be the first of a number of surveys collected in the northeast of Queensland under the new funding.A range of other projects are included in the Queensland Resources IndustryFigure 1.Results from recent Cloncurry inversion project (https://geoscience.data.qld.gov.au/data/report/Development Plan funding, includingcr135059). a) Solid geology of the project area and MT sites used in the inversion, the white box indicates petrophysical and geological focusedthe location of panel b. b) 5 km depth slice out of one of the models in the report. c) Extracted conductivity section along the profile indicated in panel b to a depth of 40 km.studies. Later this year we will be hosting the Mobile Petrophysics Laboratoryprojects from the Strategic ResourcesFinally, if you have any suggestions or from CSIRO to acquire petrophysicalExploration Program which wrapped upwant to pick our brains on upcoming measurements to complement depositlast year, while the second one coversprojects, come and chat to the team and mineral system characterisationprojects from the New Economy Mineralsat the GSQ booth in the AEGC 2023 currently being undertaken by ourInitiative which is currently underway. AsExhibition Hall. Several GSQ staff have Mineral Systems team. Findingprojects are completed, their links will betalks in the technical programme petrophysical data can be challengingadded to this page. Links to a wide rangeincluding Janelle Simpson, Vlad Lisitsin in the Open Data Portal and we hope toof projects covering everything fromand Joe Tang, be sure to check them out make these data more readily available ingeochronology to hydrogeochemistryfor a deeper dive into our projects.the future. to geophysics are available on this page To help people quickly browse recent(see Figure 1 for example) so we wouldJanelle Simpson, Roger Cant, Matthew work and locate data from these projects,encourage you to have a poke aroundGreenwood and Sasha Aivazpourporgou we have put together two compilationto see what might be of use for yourGeological Survey of Queensland sites on the Open Data Portal. One coversprogrammes. Geophysics@resources.qld.gov.auFEBRUARY 2023 PREVIEW 32'