b'Presenter biographiesAEGC 2023Melbourne where he is currently acting as the Managing Director.Dr Carsten Laukamp Carsten.Laukamp@csiro.auFabian is also acting as the secretary of the PESA VIC/TAS branch based in Melbourne. Fabian holds a PhD degree in Earth SciencesMr Tavis Lavell tavis.lavell@mngsubspatial.com.au Tavis Lavell from the University of Melbourne and a MSc degree from thehas a background in engineering and environmental near-Ludwig-Maximillian University in Munich, Germany. surface geophysics. He has extensively practiced as a consulting geophysicist across Australia and Papua New Guinea, with Mr ystein Korsmo oystein.korsmo@pgs.com ystein Korsmovaluable experience in fieldwork, logistics, geophysical software holds a MSc in Acoustics and Signal Processing from NTNU. Heprocessing, interpretation, reporting, client relationships and has been with PGS for over nine years, serving as Principalproject management. He is an experienced manager, motivated Geophysicist in a global support role for PGS Imaging withby the pursuit of high performance and professionalism, with particular focus on FWI and LSM developments. ystein hasorganisational and management skills of a high standard. His extensive experience in depth imaging, signal processing andpersonable nature coupled with excellent communication skills inversion, has presented at various conferences and workshops,equip him to harness meaningful relationships with colleagues and has been a key contributor to the development of multi- and stakeholders. He also has the courage to express views, parameter simultaneous inversion technology. challenge standards and promote innovation.Mr Peter Kovac geolpeto@gmail.com Peter Kovac is a structuralMr Wenjun Lee wenjun.lee@cgg.comgeologist with a strong background in geophysics. His primaryMr Jie Jian Leong j.leong@terraresources.com.au JJ is a field of interest is structural geology and compilation of regionalgeophysicist at Terra Resources. Prior to joining Terra Resources and prospect scale geologic models. He holds an MSc degree inin 2020, JJ held various roles across the mining, petroleum and geology and palaeontology and a PhD in structural geologysoftware industries, including working as a geophysicist at from Comenius University at Bratislava, Slovakia. Petroleum Geo-Services and solutions consultant at Dassault Mr Jess Kozman jess.kozman@katalystdm.com Mr KozmanSystmes. He graduated with an MSc in Petroleum Geoscience isan experienced data management practitioner withfrom Imperial College London and a BSc with Honours in professional certifications in geosciences and projectGeophysics from Curtin University.management, and over 40 years of applying technology andDr A. Yusen Ley-Cooper yusen.ley@ga.gov.auinnovation in the resources sector. He is currently a Senior Principal Consultant for Southeast Asia at Katalyst DataDr Zhen Li Zhen.Li@curtin.edu.au Dr Zhen Li is a Research Management, and based in Perth, Western Australia. HisFellow in Curtin University, Western Australia. Zhens research is previous roles have included field work in mineral andfocused on development and application of geochronological, sedimentary provinces, exploration geophysics, computermineralogical, petrological, and geochemical methods in deployment, IT management, and optimisation of technicalenergy exploration. Zhens current role at Curtin University is application portfolios. He has also been a technical courseJohn de Laeter Centre (JdLC) Project Leader for research instructor, professional mentor, and field trip leader on severalrelevant to the upstream energy sector. He is responsible for continents. His avocations include theatre lighting design andattracting external funding by developing new analysis and competitive pub darts. characterisation techniques relevant to a quantitative understanding of basin evolution. Zhen coordinates externally Mr Adam Kroll adam.kroll@airgeox.com Adam Kroll is afunded projects with analytical specialists in the JdLC and geophysicist with 18 years experience across the exploration,develops new project opportunities and analytical applications consulting and government industries for both minerals and oilin the broader area of energy research.and gas sectors. Adam Kroll is the principal geophysicist for AirgeoX, a geophysical services company whose mission is toDr Vladimir Lisitsin vladimir.lisitsin@resources.qld.gov.au contribute to significant discoveries by producing innovativeVladimir Lisitsin is the manager of the Mineral System team in geophysical hardware and processing methodology to solve forthe Geological Survey of Queensland. He holds PhD from the geological challenges. University of Western Australia. He and his team are working to document mineralisation signatures and alteration footprints of Dr Steve Kuhn skuhn@fmgl.com.au Steve has spent his 15 yearkey mineral systems in Queensland. His broader research career in orogenic gold, porphyry/epithermal and sedimentinterests include mineral system analysis, exploration targeting hosted copper exploration, working in many of the worldsand metallogeny of critical minerals.major mining provinces over the last 15 years. Steve has held roles in geophysical acquisition and interpretation, generativeDr Bhavik Harish Lodhia b.lodhia@unsw.edu.au Bhavik is a and greenfields exploration, mine and near mine geology/ Postdoctoral Fellow and Associate Lecturer in Geology, res-def, and R&D/teaching. Steve holds a PhD, Grad Cert and BScGeophysics and Energy Technology at UNSW Sydney. His work (Hons) in the geosciences from CODES. focuses on coupling fluid flow and basin evolution. He completed his PhD at Imperial College London and gained an Dr Heta Lampinen heta.lampinen@csiro.au Heta did herundergraduate Masters degree in Earth Sciences from the Masters at the University of Turku, Finland and PhD in theUniversity of Oxford. He is also a fellow of the Geological Society University of Western Australia. Both theses were aimed atof London and the American Geophysical Union and is a keen delineating hydrothermal alteration around mineral deposits,caver/outdoors explorer. His research interests include which is her favourite geological exercise. Currently, Heta worksgeodynamics, mantle convection, basin evolution, carbon for the CSIRO and uses hyperspectral mineral data integratedcapture and storage, low-carbon technology and sedimentary with geochemical and geophysical data for mapping mineralsource to sink processes.systems across multiple scales on the surface and subsurface.Miss Maria Clara Lopes Paula mariaclara.lopespaula@gmail.com Prof Simon Lang simon.lang@uwa.edu.au Maria is a PhD candidate at Data Analytics for Resources and 163 PREVIEW FEBRUARY 2023'