b'Geophysics in the surveysNewsNorthern Territory Geological Survey: UpdateSince 1 July 2022 the Northern TerritoryThe Northern Territory Geological(Figure 1). Ground gravity was acquired Government has provided ongoingSurvey (NTGS) is upgrading the Northernat 2 km station spacing across the entire funding of $9.5 million per year to theTerritorys ground gravity data aimingsurvey area while higher resolution data Resourcing the Territory initiative. Thisto provide complete coverage of the(1 km or 500 m station spacing) was initiative includes a range of strategiesTerritory with modern ground gravityacquired over smaller areas of interest in designed to underpin the long-termdata or equivalent at 4 km spacing orcollaboration with industry partners. The sustainability of the Territorys resourcesbetter. In 2021-22 the NTGS Brunettesurvey acquired over 17 000 new ground sector including upgrading theDowns Ground Gravity Survey (Figure1)gravity readings overall.Territorys coverage of geophysical datawas acquired in partnership with and supporting innovation throughGeoscience Australia (GA), coveringNew NT-wide ground gravity products grants for greenfields and brownfieldsover 57 000 km2 extending from thehave recently been released, including exploration. NT/QLD border across to Tennant Creekdata from almost 250 000 ground Figure 1.Location of NTGS Brunette Downs Ground Gravity Survey (cyan outline) with areas of higher resolution shown in grey, NTGS Pedirka Ground Gravity Survey (orange outline) and Round 14 GDC Surveys: CR2022-0208 Barkly Operations Pty Ltd airborne magnetic and radiometric survey (pink polygon), CR2021-0508 Inca Minerals Ltd (blue polygon), CR2021-0526 Knox Resources Pty Ltd ground gravity survey (yellow polygon), CR2021-0525 Knox Resources Pty Ltd airborne magnetic and radiometric survey (green polygon), CR2021-0509 Inca Minerals Ltd airborne magnetic and radiometric survey (red polygon).and CR2021-0628 King River Resources Ltd airborne magnetic and radiometric survey (purple).FEBRUARY 2023 PREVIEW 24'