b'Presenter biographiesAEGC 2023Dr John Paul ODonnell johnpaulodonnell@gmail.com JohnMs Tehani Palu tehani.palu@ga.gov.au Tehani Palu is a Paul ODonnell is a passive seismologist. geoscientist at Geoscience Australia. She holds an MSc from the University of Waikato. She has been involved with various Dr Hugo Olierook hugo.olierook@curtin.edu.au Hugo Olierookprojects including greenhouse gas monitoring for carbon is currently a Research Fellow at Curtin University, both part ofcapture, and storage and petroleum acreage release. Tehani has the Timescales of Mineral Systems Group and the John de Laeterbeen in her current role since 2013, which sees her undertaking Centre. His primary focus is designing, executing and managingpetroleum systems analysis within Australian basins.geochronology and geochemistry projects for the mining and mineral exploration industry. Through a variety of PhD,Dr Sarath Patabendigedara sarath.p@csiro.au Sarath is an postdoctoral, industry and government experience, he hasexpert in geophysics and mineral-physics data acquisition, gained a broad expertise in tectonics, mineral systems,processing and evaluation, and in interpreting the physical geochronology, isotope geochemistry and basin analysis. Hugoand chemical properties of geological materials. He obtained a enjoys spending time with his family, playing and watchingdoctorate from Macquarie University in 2020 studying proton sports, board games andnaturallymaking epicdiffusion assisted electrical conductivity in mantle minerals to advancements in science. understand electrical conductivity anomalies in the deep earth. Before moving to Australia in 2015, Sarath finished his Dr Gerrit Olivier rebecca.atkinson@fleetspace.com Gerrit isMPhil degree in earth sciences completing a thesis on Director of Planetary Geophysics at Fleet Space Technologies.geothermal energy prospecting in Sri Lanka and has obtained During his career, he has pioneered the use of ambient seismica BSc degree in geology and chemistry. He is currently a noise-based methods for use in the mining industry. GerritResearch Technician at the CSIRO Mineral Resources Business completed his MSc in Theoretical Physics at the University ofUnit, Lindfield.Stellenbosch (South Africa) and his PhD in Geophysics at the Universit Grenoble Alpes (France). He is the holder ofDr Victorien Paumard victorien.paumard@uwa.edu.au numerous awards for his work in ambient seismic tomographyVictorien Paumard is currently a Research Fellow at the Centre and is committed to expanding its use for mineral exploration. for Energy Geoscience, University of Western Australia, specialising in the characterisation of depositional systems Ms Nuray Oncul no171@scarletmail.rutgers.edu Nuray received ausing seismic stratigraphy and seismic geomorphology. He Bachelor of Science in Geophysical Engineering andgraduated with a PhD in basin analysis and seismic stratigraphy Environmental Engineering (double major) (Sivas Cumhuriyetfrom the University of Western Australia. He is now a Principal University, Turkey) in 2012 and 2013. She received her MastersInvestigator for the Quantitative Seismic Stratigraphy (QSS) and degree from the Department of Geological Engineering (BatmanReservoir Analogue (RA) research consortiums at UWA. His University, Turkey ) in 2016. She is a PhD student at Rutgersresearch interests are focused on the development of University, Newark in the Department of Earth and Environmentalquantitative methods to build 3D seismic and sequence Science. Nurays research interest focuses on metallic mineralstratigraphic frameworks to better understand the controls on discrimination with the Induced Polarisation (IP) Method. the architecture of sedimentary margins and reservoir development.Mr Anatolii Pakhomenko pakhomenkoaa_work@mail.ru My research focuses on using machine learning in geophysics, and IMs Andrea Paxton apaxton@slb.com Andrea Paxton is Senior am currently in my final year as a Master of Philosophy studentrock physicist with 18 years industry experience in quantitative at Curtin University in Perth. I am interested in the automationseismic reservoir characterisation with a BSc in Earth Science of processes as well as the creation of new hardware andfrom the University of Glasgow.software. My prior experience includes working in mining,Dr Julie Pearce j.pearce2@uq.edu.au Julie Pearce is a software development, and telecommunications. geochemist currently with the University of Queensland Centre Mr Darren Palmer darren.palmer@surtech.com.au Darren isfor Natural Gas, and School of Earth and Environmental focused on finding ways to deliver better data more quickly toSciences. She is an expert on gas-water-rock interactions with a better inform decisions, improve productivity and end businessfocus on the Surat Basin, QLD, Australia. She is additionally outcomes. Surtech Systems solves difficult technical challengesworking on field monitoring techniques for measurement of to acquire better data and build the delivery systems to get themethane and understanding its sources through isotopic data to the right person as quickly as possible. Darren istechniques; and geochemical processes in gas and oil shale. passionate about innovation, teams and how teams innovate. AtPearce has published 40 articles in peer reviewed international the end of the day every story is human, and people are the keyjournals, including in the top 3% cited for the field of in every step Surtech Systems take. geochemistry. She has secured ~ $ 4.8 million in nationally and internationally competitive funding.Dr Daniel Palmowski daniel@terranta.de Daniel holds a PhDMr Glenn Pears glennp@mirageoscience.com Glenn is a from the University of Melbourne on the structural andPrincipal Consultant, and an expert in geologically constrained lithospheric evolution of the Otway Basin. Daniel joined IESgeophysical inversion. He is a skilled trainer in potential fields (Aachen, Germany) in 2006 as a petroleum systems modeler.inversion, and he also contributes greatly to Mira Geosciences After the takeover by Schlumberger, Daniel developed into ansoftware development. He previously occupied positions at expert to define heat flow histories based on basin andWorld Geoscience, Fugro Airborne Surveys, and Quantec lithospheric evolution. Before Daniel left Schlumberger in earlyGeoscience. He obtained an MSc from the University of 2022, he was, as the Product Champion of PetroMod,Queensland. Glenn is based in Brisbane.responsible for the business of the world leading full physics petroleum systems modelling software. Daniel started a newMs Carlos Pea Carlos.pena@fqml.com Carlos Pea works in company, Terranta, in 2022 to develop the worlds first Mineralgeophysical exploration in the central Andes at the office of Systems Modelling Software. FQM (Chile) S.A. in Santiago, Chile.FEBRUARY 2023 PREVIEW 166'