b'Presenter biographiesAEGC 2023Dr Gerhard Visser gerhard.visser@csiro.au Gerhard VisserUniversity in 1995 and PhD at the Australian National University specialises in developing data analysis methods for scientificin 1999. His research interests lie in the area of electromagnetic application with a focus on Bayesian methodology andinduction in the Australian continent using magnetotelluric and computational statistics. He has worked as a researcher atgeomagnetic data. He has collaborated actively with researchers CSIRO since 2017 and is currently part of the Mineralin other organisations, particularly in the area of geomagnetic Resources Division. His recent work has focused onstorms and induction hazards to the grounded technological developing probabilistic methods for application toinfrastructuregeophysical inversion, integration of diverse geoscientific data sets, and methodology and algorithms for data drivenDr Bryant Ware bryant.ware@curtin.edu.au Bryant Wares mineral prospectivity mapping. research primarily focuses on developing and implementing established wet geochemical methods to apply across a broad Dr Carmine Wainman carmine.wainman@ga.gov.au Carminerange of geologic projects (Re-Os, Pb, Sr, and Sm-Nd isotope Wainman holds an MSci in geology from the University ofand PGE data) from mineral exploration, mineral fingerprinting, Southampton, UK and a PhD in geosciences from theto isotope mapping projects. His work aims to drive application, University of Adelaide. He joined Geoscience Australia inanalytical and technological developments in isotope November 2021 as a basin analyst in the Strategic Basinsgeochemistry and geochronology to have the tools available to Section in the Advice, Investment Attraction and Analysisunderstand the dynamic geochemical evolution of the earth.Branch in the Minerals, Energy and Groundwater Division. Carmine has over nine years of industry and researchDr Martin Wells Martin.Wells@curtin.edu.au After completing experience both in Australia and the UK including with the RSKhis PhD in 1997, Martin joined CSIRO to study the Western Group, Woodside Energy and the University of Adelaide. HeAustralian Ni laterite deposits, and later the Pilbara iron ore participated in the International Ocean Discovery Programdeposits. In 2017 Martin joined the John de Laeter Centre to Expedition 369 in.2017, investigating Australian Cretaceousinvestigate (U-Th)/He-dating of WA regolith and more recently climate and tectonics. LCT-pegmatites. Throughout his career, Martin has applied analytical techniques to characterise ore and trace element Dr Alexander Walker a.walker@curtin.edu.au Alex is adeportment, and gangue mineral distribution in these varied researcher and mineralogist at the John de Laeter Centre indeposits. In his spare time Martin is a keen mineral collector and Perth, Western Australia, where he spends much of his timetries to maintain his juggling and mountain biking skills.generating and exploring large mineralogical datasets. He completed a PhD in applied geology at Curtin University inDr Michael Whitbread michael.whitbread@riotinto.com Michael 2019, which focused on characterising the sulphur isotope andWhitbread is a geochemist with over 25 years in the exploration trace element signatures of mineralised sites in the Fraser Zoneand mining industry. Mike has worked in a variety of exploration of the Albany-Fraser Orogen. Alexs research interests centre onand mining companies and also as an industry consultant, both applied and economic geology, and he has several past andin precious and base metals. Mike has a passion for current collaborations with state and industry partners. lithogeochemistry and applied data science. His specialties include: Exploration geochemistry, lithogeochemistry, QAQC, Mrs Yvonne Wallace yvonne.wallace@sgc.com.au yvonne hasphase specific assaying, geometallurgy applications of over 20 years experience in mineral exploration projects ingeochemistry and applied data scienceAustralia, PNG and further afield. She specialises in the integration and interpretation of magnetic and radiometricDr Martin Widmaier martin.widmaier@pgs.com Martin data supplemented with gravity, sub-audio magnetic,Widmaier started his career with PGS in 1996 after obtaining his electromagnetic and seismic data. She has worked onPhD in Geophysics from Institute of Technology at the University projects at prospect through to regional scale and usesof Karlsruhe/Germany. Since then, he has served in many roles modelling techniques to provide quantitative metrics forin the R&D department of PGS, including Department Manager targeting. Yvonne has presented on AEM, magnetics andand Vice President of R&D. In 2013 he became the Chief radiometric topics at past ASEG events, and routinely deliversGeophysicist for PGS MultiClient. He is currently the Chief aeromagnetic interpretation workshops. Geophysicist for PGS Sales & Services.Mr Andrew Waltho andrewwaltho@me.com Andrew WalthoDr Chris Wijns chris.wijns@fqml.com Chris Wijns has been the has broad experience in exploration and mining, particularly inGroup Geophysicist since 2008 for First Quantum Minerals Ltd, a advanced-stage projects proceeding through the studies phaseglobal base metals miner. He initially studied in Canada, and to the development of new open-cut and underground miningafter a few years in gold exploration in West Africa, he moved to operations and expansions. Keenly interested in the recognitionAustralia in 1999 and completed a PhD in 2004 at UWA. He has of technical risks affecting projects and qualification of theirenjoyed working inside sizeable companies for the opportunity potential impacts in investment decisions, project execution,to have constant interaction with geologists, geochemists, and operational performance and stakeholders with an interest inassorted engineers. This has led Chris to a keen interest in using projects. He also pursues interests in resource stewardship,geophysics to improve resource modelling and mining sustainable development and effective communication ofoperations.technical information. Andrew is currently working as an independent consultant, based in Brisbane, after a career withMr Mel Wilkinson Mel.Wilkinson@santos.com Mel Wilkinson major and mid-tier exploration and mining companies andhas a 39-year career as an exploration geologist in the oil and global consulting groups. gas industry and has experience in both conventional and unconventional resources, primarily in eastern Australia, but Dr Liejun Wang liejun.wang@ga.gov.au Liejun Wang is a senioralso China, the Timor Sea and Gippsland. He is interested in all geophysicist with over 20 years of experience working inthings rock related and the stories that rocks can tell and has a Geoscience Australia. Liejun completed his MSc at Flinderspassion for field geology, evolution and dinosaurs.171 PREVIEW FEBRUARY 2023'