b'Conferences and eventsNewsDorothy Hill Symposium 2022The ASEG was a sponsor of the Dorothyefforts there is a big gap betweenunconscious bias. Women comment that Hill Symposium that was held in Brisbanenumber of young women entering intothey are given less weight to what they say. from 7-9 November 2022. Dr Yvettethe geoscience careers and this gap onlyI was surprised to learn that during COVID, Poudjom Djomani from Geosciencewidens with number of years in the industrythere were more scientific publications Australia and the Federal Treasurer of theand with seniority. This means that thecoming from men and fewer from women. ASEG, was one of the panellists on thefocus should not only be on attraction butThis points to the unequally shared Pre-Symposium WOMEESA workshopalso on retention of women to ensure thatdomestic burden, which still has an effect on Cracking the Code: Mid-career re-entry,there is gender diversity within differenton womens careers. And it was confronting transition and promotion. Yvette sharedage categories and different ranks ofto learn that some female academics still her story about how she navigatedorganisations. have to make a choice whether or not to a career across academia, privatehave a family.consulting and government. We came a long way from the days when Dorothy Hills embarked on her geoscienceI gained inspiration knowing that there The ASEG sponsored a session oncareer graduating in 1927. Things likeare multiple steps we can do to improve Innovation in Geoscience. This was wellredesigning equipment, work familygender diversity and overall inclusion attended with several presentations,policies, flexible working arrangements,in the workplace, particularly through including one from Janelle Simpsonbetter amenities (pump rooms), zeromentorship, role models, representation (ASEG Federal Executive Member, Chairtolerance to disrespectful behaviour,and sponsorship. Undoubtedly, success of of the ASEG Branch Liaison Committeetargeted recruitment and remapping careerindividual women leads to future success and member of the ASEGs Queenslandpaths (e.g. switching from field to officefor other women and I want to be part of Branch). jobs) all help with attraction and retentionthis success.Margarita Pavlova from the ASEGsof women. However, multiple barriers stillYvette Poudjom Djomani Queensland Branch was offered theexist, including sexual harassment andYvette.PoudjomDjomani@ga.gov.auASEGs complementary package ticket to attend the event.Margarita PavlovaMargarita Pavlova wrote to thank the ASEG for their support saying:I would like to thank ASEG for providing me with the opportunity to participate in the Dorothy Hill Symposium.It was my first time attending the Symposium and I was pleasantly surprised by the breadth of gender equality as well as technical content. It was great to hear from the women about their experiences, challenges and successes in the different fields of Earth and Environmental Sciences. In particular, it was refreshing to be part of a very frank and interactive discussions about the challenges that women currently face irrespective of the workplace (academia, government or industry), age or experience. Despite of ongoing recruitmentYvette Poudjom Djomani and Janelle Simpson at the 2022 Dorothy Hill Symposium.FEBRUARY 2023 PREVIEW 12'