b'Branch newsASEG newswas held at the Fortune of War, TheLater in the year we look forwardVictoriaRocks, Sydney. There was a great turnto again welcoming interstate and out, and the drinks kept flowing until theinternational visitors, this time toFirst things first. Happy New Year. New late hours. tropical Fitzroy Island off the Cairnsyear, new youso they say. Every coast for the 8th International AEMJanuary, I find myself rehashing old We look forward to welcoming new andWorkshop 37 September. Fitzroymemories and re-visiting the year that old faces in the new year and are sureIsland is an unspoilt tropical paradise ofwas. The highs and lows, the wins and that the new year will bring us lots ofrainforest and beaches within the calmlosses, the actions and reactions and interesting geophysics. sheltered waters of the Great Barrierfor better or for worse, the hard lessons Reefother than Brisbane, could therelearnt. This reflection is kind of like An invitation to attend NSW Branchbe a better location for a geophysicalgiving feedback to oneself. How did I meetings is extended to all interstateconference?! perform over the past 12 months? How and international visitors who happendo I improve my performance over the to be in town at the time. Meetings areWe wish everyone a safe, healthy, andcoming year? This may or may not be a generally held on the third Wednesdaysuccessful 2023! productive activity for everyone because of each month from 17:30 at Club York.personally, Ive ended up revisiting News, meetings notices, addresses andJames Aldermannefarious secrets Ive been harbouring relevant contact details can be found atqldpresident@aseg.org.au almost forever the NSW Branch website.Bhavik Harish Lodhia and StephanieSouth Australia and NorthernOk, so enough about my deceitful and immorally devious past. Theres a time KovachTerritory and place to recall those things and nswsecretary@aseg.org.au thats usually over a bottle of 25 year-old Happy New Year to all SA-NT BranchMacallan while seated at a high-stakes members! We had a very successfulpoker table on a Friday night. My two Queensland Melbourne Cup Luncheon in Novemberfavourite activities when under duress.2022. After that, the SA-NT Branch Happy New Year to all ASEG Memberswas proud to play host to Dr KenSpeaking of being under duress, and across Queensland and beyond. TheWitherly from Condor Consulting, whoagainst my better judgement, the Queensland Committee hope allgave a fantastic talk titled ElectricalVictorian Branch allowed two Canadians Members took the chance to havecharacteristics of porphyry copperon separate occasions to present at a relaxing break over the Christmasdeposits. our sacred Technical meeting nights in and New Year period; the Queensland2022. Thats right. For this, I apologise committee certainly did and continuedWe have exciting plans in the pipeline forto members (actually, my lawyer just the theme with the first committeethe year ahead, so keep your eyes out forreminded me to never admit anything meeting of 2023 over a beer in earlynotices of future events in the comingand to always deny everything). The first January. 2023 is shaping up to beweeks. ingress occurred back in August, which an exciting year for the ASEG inLastly, we couldnt host any of ouralmost lead to fisticuffs over storing Queensland. fantastic events without the valuedmilk in bags (see October 2022 issue On February 10 we had our first Brisbanesupport of our sponsors. The SA-NTof Preview). The latest incursion took Brews event of the year in an ongoingBranch is currently sponsored byplace on the night of November 22 at social partnership with the AIG, GSA andBeach Energy, Borehole Wireline, OzThe Kelvin Club, where Ken Witherly PESA, heading to the Milton Common.Minerals, Vintage Energy, Minotaursuggested geophysicists should look Our first Technical talk of the year wasExploration, the Department forback in time in order to predict where a joint ASEG-PESA lunch event onEnergy and Mining, Zonge, Santos andexploration was headed in the future. February 25. Coming all the way fromHeathgate. Kens Future imperfectWhere should Germany, Dr. Moritz Ziegler, who is aexploration be headed in the next core member of the World Stress Map,Paul Soeffky25yrs? retold fables from the likes of presented The good, the bad and thesa-ntpresident@aseg.org.au Nostradamus, Leonardo Da Vinci and uncertainties - A model of the stresseven Jules Vernefortune tellers who state. Tasmania predicted the future of engineering, scientific and technological content March brings the long awaited AEGCMeeting notices, details about venueswith stunning accuracy. Think, Da 2023, and we look forward to welcomingand relevant contact details can beVincis idea for a rotary aerial machine, ASEG Members to Brisbane for the firstfound on the Tasmanian Branch pagewhich indeed was the precursor to the in-person AEGC since 2019. on the ASEG website. As always, wepresent-day helicopter, did not become encourage Members to keep an eye ona physical reality until almost 500 years As usual, well aim to hold ourthe seminar/webinar programme at thelater. More modern day crystal gazers Queensland Branch AGM in April, andUniversity of Tasmania / CODES, whichinclude the likes of Nikola Tesla, Vannevar welcome Members and associates thatroutinely includes presentations of aBush and Hans Lundberg, all of whom are interested in presenting a technicalgeophysical and computational naturebegan making accurate forecasts about talk, or getting more involved in theas well as on a broad range of earthfuture technological advances in their Queensland Branch, to get in touch. Thissciences topics. respective fields.year we hope to provide a full calendar of online and in-person technical talks andGerrit OlivierIn the context of the geosciences, social events. taspresident@aseg.org.au making predictions about something 7 PREVIEW FEBRUARY 2023'