b'AEGC 2023Programme at a glanceSocietyCommitteeMeetings asrequiredSocietyCommitteeMeetings asrequiredPetroleum 14 - NewRegional Conceptsfor Exploration:Onshore Case Studies Increasing theprospectivity ofnorthern Australia;impacts from therecent Exploring forthe Future seismicacquisition andregional geologystudies in the SouthNicholson region,Northern Territory.Lidena Carr Onshore basininventories: Buildingfoundationalunderstanding ofenergy resourcesfor Australias future.Adam Bailey Is a reinterpretation ofthe basin architecturefor the Perth Basinrequired? A case studyof how reprocessedgravity and magneticdata is providingcritical new insights.Helen Anderson Anatomy of a landrelease. Sue SlaterMorning Tea and Exhibition (M3 and M4 split) Petroleum 13 - ReservoirNear-Surface 6 -Minerals 24 - EMCover mapping Depletion Monitoring Depth to basementmapping using aHourly 4D subsurfaceBayesian workflow:time-lapse monitoringprediction andusing seismic ambientconductivity, baseperformancenoise. Peng Guo and precious metalassessment. Hoelore deposits. DennisSeille Passive seismicMonitoring of themethods forproducing reservoirobtaining shear- pressure and saturationwave velocitychanges using extendedprofiles and depthB-field system withelastic impedance fromto basement in anSQUID 3-componenttime-lapse seismicurban-industrialdata: Enfield field,metal exploration.area, MarmaraNW Australia. Sergeyregion, Turkey.Shevchenko Michael Asten Monitoring subsurfaceMapping achanges usingpalaeochannel onamplitudes of active andthe edge of thepassive seismic signalsDarling Fault inrecorded by downholesystems: A BayesianWestern Australiadistributed acousticresolution analysis.using airborne EMsensors: CO2CRC Otwayand passive seismic.Stage 3 field study. PavelKaren Gilgallon Shashkin Optimising 4D signalLoupe surveys forConductivity-depthwhere environmentalmineral explorationimaging in thecondition hinders surveyOrd Basin, Westernrepeatability, NorthCarnarvon Basin. HuiAustralia. Alex Zhan ZhangMinerals 25 -Geophysical CaseStudies 3 EM success inthe Carajs Geophysical resultsof the JaguarNickel deposit,Brazil. GrantCouston Just because itsold doesnt meanits not good:A integratedgeophysical casehistory in ArcheanGold Exploration.Robert Hearst Mineral explorationunder coverand the value ofpetrophysicsAcase study fromEast Albany-FraserOrogen, WesternAustralia. KatherineMcKenna Geophysicalresponse andexplorationmethods forCallie-style targetsin Tanami, NT,Australia. TimDoheyEarly Career& StudentSession 1:Industry Q&APanelAcquisition Low-frequency,B-field, TDEMexploration in NorthAmerica for high- Woods A comparison of theSAMSON, low- frequency, totalsensor for baseDaniel Eremenco Fixed-wing vshelicopter AEMAnandaroop Ray and TSF study.Gregory StreetMinerals 23 -Deposit Scale Identifying economicmineralisation usingseismic data: amulti-step processinvolving seismicinversion and theintegration of allavailable data. KevinJarvis Imaging complexgeology using 3Dseismic: Uniquedepth imagingworkflows appliedto the CarosueDam gold deposit,Western Australia.Kevin Jarvis 2D forward seismicmodelling at theThunderbox goldmine, WesternAustralia, usinglaboratorypetrophysical data.Andre EduardoCalazans Matos deSouza Hardrock 3D seismicimaging of theMawson Prospect.Jie Jian Leong10:30 11:00 11:00 11:00 11:00 11:0065 PREVIEW FEBRUARY 2023'