b'AEGC 2023Programme at a glanceP4 P3 Petroleum 12 - Land SeismicSurvey Design & Acquisition Designing seismic surveys forreduced environmental impact.Mostafa Naghizadeh Assessing and reducing theenvironmental impact ofonshore geophysical surveys.Tim Dean Going off the griddefining thenew standard3D modellingfor todays challenges. ClaudioStrobbia The importance of geophoneemplacement for onshoreseismic surveys. Tim DeanP2 Minerals 22 - RegionalProspectivity Studies Geochronology formineral exploration.Hugo Olierook Heavy mineralexploration on acontinental scale: TheGA-Curtin HeavyMineral Map ofAustralia project. BrentMcInnes 1.60-1.57 Gasuprasubductionzone model for metalendowment in easternAustralia. CarolineTiddyBrisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre P1 Minerals 21 - NewDevelopments /Methods Passive mineralexploration at thespeed of light: howa space companyis using ANT tomap the earthssubsurface. GerritOlivier An airborneheterodynesulphideexploration test.James Macnae LithoSpace - ageochemical dataplatform for extra- terrestrial mineralexploration. FabianKohlmann WA_ARRAY: aState-wide passiveseismic imagingcampaign inWestern Australia.Ruth MurdieAEGC 2023 FRIDAY17 March 2023 Registration Open Exhibition Open M4 Petroleum 11 - CCSMonitoring The role of CSEM incarbon capture andstorage monitoring.Naima Yilo Overview of the BarrowIsland land seismicacquisition and 4Dprocessing of the firstGorgon CO2 time-lapsemonitor survey. PaulPhythian Integrated workflow forcharacterisation of CO2subsurface storage sites.Cyrille Reiser Feasibility of conformancemonitoring for CO2geosequestration usingrefracted waves. RomanPevznerM3 Minerals 20 -GeophysicalStudies - DepositScale Integrated 3Dmodelling andassociatedmachine learningtargeting: theJaguar GreenstoneBelt example.James Reid Geophysicalresponses ofDevonportprospect - a granitehosted IOCG in NWQueensland. NikhilPrakash A review of thegeophysicalresponse ofCodelcos MinistroHales mine. HectorVerdejo Integratedinterpretationapplied to theNardoo prospect,QLD. Glenn PearsM2 Near-surfKeynotes State of the artin near-surfacegeophysics. JanFrancke Near surfacegeophysicsacross themining life- cycle. AshleyGrantM1 Petroleum 10- Seismic AVOAnalysis andInversion 2 Optimising seismicinversion resultsthrough fully seismicdriven backgroundmodel generation.Bruno de Ribet Automaticallyidentifyinglithofacies fromwireline logs: A casestudy in Cuu LongBasin, Vietnam. DuyThong Kieu The advantagesof an automatedwell-to-seismic tiecalibration process.Andrea Paxton Why accelerating therush towards seismicfor prospecting?Mosayeb KhademiZahediM3/M4 1100pax Minerals 19- RegionalExplorationGeophysics Australia-wide densityand magneticsusceptibilitymodelsReducingthe search spacefor IOCG deposits.James Goodwin An Example ofcountry scaleairborne geophysics- Angola. John Bell New magnetotelluricdata across thecentral-westernGawler Craton - theGawler Phase 2project. StephanThiel The economics oflooking deep withgeophysics - Whylook deep whenIm only interestedin the first XXX m?Robert Hearst8:00 8:00 BCEC room ID 9:00 9:00 9:00 9:00 9:00FEBRUARY 2023 PREVIEW 64'