b'Presenter biographiesAEGC 2023active member of that committee. In 2017 Sues contributions tomodelling and inversion for mineral exploration, resource PESA and the Queensland petroleum sector were recognised byevaluation and targeting. Before joining CSIRO, Giovanni the award of Distinguished Member of PESA. In 2019 Sue wonworked as a Senior Geoscientist at the Geological Survey of the inaugural Exceptional Woman in Exploration in QueenslandNSW, building 3D geological models of tectonic provinces, Resources Award from WIMARQ and QRC. She is the currentbasins and sites of interest, and working with geologists to president of QUPEX. ground truth them in order to improve geological interpretations. At CSIRO, Giovanni will contribute to create new Mr Jacob Smith jacob.smith@geoteric.com knowledge and methods in the field of 3D geological Prof Gregory Smith gregory.c.smith@curtin.edu.au Gregorymodelling, developing new technologies to mitigate 3D Smith is Adjunct Professor of Petroleum Geology at Curtingeological risk in resources management.University in the School of Earth and Planetary Sciences. He hasMr Eric Steele eric.steele@xcaliburmp.com Eric Steele over 40 years experience in petroleum geology, geophysics andgraduated in 1987 with a BSc in electrical engineering. Initial geochemistry involving technical, research and managerialindustry experience was obtained designing safety equipment positions at Exxon, ARCO, BHP, Woodside/Shell and the Hermandeployed in the mining industry. In 1995, after joining Spectrem Research Laboratory. Initial research into 3D modelling ofAir, extensive experience was obtained in various aspects of basins, sediments and organic geochemistry was followed byairborne geophysics contributing to both the fixed wing and successful coal, oil shale and petroleum exploration. Thishelicopter systems. In 2001, Eric joined Fugro, which became included several major discoveries and field developmentsCGG and finally Xcalibur Multiphysics and has been an integral leading to production for many large projects in Australia andmember of various teams that have designed, built and certified overseas. Greg undertakes research with Honours, Masters andvarious airborne systems in Canada, South Africa and Australia, PhD students on interpretation, organic geochemical andincluding the fixed wing electromagnetic systems - Genesis and geostatistical analysis of large seismic, well log, core andTempest.production datasets. The results are used to build 3D structural and property models of sedimentary basins or petroleum fields,Dr Ned Stolz ned.stolz@sgc.com.au Ned began his career with and analysed using machine learning and multi factor scenarioCRA on regional-scale exploration for uranium and base metals modelling to estimate the probable geology and associatedbefore completing a PhD in electromagnetic geophysics. He resource estimates. Specific interests include low T-P burial andthen joined Western Mining to explore for nickel sulphide thermal history modelling, organic matter petrology andorebodies in the Eastern Goldfields of WA ,and later moved to St geochemistry, and characterisation of sediments and theirIves Gold Mine where he implemented detailed gravity surveys diagenesis with Curtin University departments of statistics andand adapted seismic surveys to gold exploration. Ned then engineering, the WA Organic and Isotope Geochemistry groupjoined Geoscience Australia managing large-scale geophysical and the John de Laeter Centre. Greg is a member of AAPG, PESA,acquisition programmes before moving to the Geological TSOP, ICCP, past corporate member of AusIMM, and has heldSurvey of NSW to implement online data delivery and manage various positions in GSA, PESA, APPEA and ASA. the AusLAMP MT survey. Ned is currently a Principal Geophysicist with Southern Geoscience Consultants.Miss Lucy Soares dos Santos lucyysoares@outlook.com Lucy Soares graduated in geology at Universidade Federal doDr Claudio Strobbia claudio@realtimeseismic.comPara-Brazil in 2016. She moved to Australia in 2017 and after a few years of working as a geologist with heavy minerals, sheMr Steven Sullivan jane.ball@maptek.com.au Steve Sullivan is completed a Masters degree in geophysics in 2021 at Curtinthe Senior Technical Sales Specialist for Maptek and has 35 years University. Currently, Lucy is a Junior Geophysicist at Terraof industry experience with expertise in geological modelling Resources and First Quantum Minerals Ltd. She has been mainlyand resource management throughout Australia and Asia. As a operating software for interpreting 2D and 3D geophysical data,resource geologist he has worked across a diverse range of planning surveys and studying the physical properties of coremetalliferous and energy commodities applying his expertise in samples. Lucy has been learning a lot working for the miningdifferent estimation techniques and methods. Steve is Technical industry and enjoyed interacting with project geologists andLead for DomainMCF, the commercial application of machine geochemists. learning to geological domain classification and resource estimation.Mr Andrew Somers asomers@sciaps.com Andrew Somers is an earth scientist with a diverse employment history ranging fromMr Koya Suto koya@terra-au.com Koya was born in Japan and working as a geologist to recent and current roles involved inhas a BE and ME from the Mining College, Akita University. He product development for, and sales to, the global explorationstudied further at the University of Adelaide. After working as a and mining industry and associated research communities.petroleum geophysicist for 25 years, he started Terra Australis Andrew is currently the Global Business Director: GeochemistryGeophysica in 2003 to service the civil engineering industry for SciAps Inc-a US based manufacturer of portable XRF, LIBSusing the MASW method. He has translated two books in analysers. He has worked with field portable XRF [pXRF] for thegeophysics. He served ASEG committees for over 20 years and past 18 years and hand-held LIBS for the past 8 years in thewas President in 2013-2014. He has received the SEGJ Service application of these technologies to mineral exploration,Award, the Harold Mooney Award of the SEG Near-Surface mining, mineral processing, environmental and agriculturalDivision and ASEG Honorary Membership. He lectured onA applications around the world. Hitchhikers Guide to geophysics nearly 50 times in eighteen countries including as an SEG Honorary Lecturer in 2017.Dr Giovanni Pietro Tommaso Spampinato giovanni.spampinato@csiro.au Giovanni is a geophysicist with a projectMrs Zofia Swierczek zofia.swierczek@axt.com.au Zofia management background. His expertise includes processingSwierczek is a principal mineralogist from AXT - Perth, and her and interpretation of geological and geophysical data, 3Dcurrent role involves training, development and optimisation of 169 PREVIEW FEBRUARY 2023'