b'Geophysics in the surveysNewsFigure 4.Survey progress for the airborne gravity survey, Victoria and South Australia. Coloured image of free-air gravity shows survey progress as of January 2023.2022 Darling Curnamonacrustal structures, and a high resolutionof Victoria, including the Greater Delamerian 2D reflection seismic2D reflection seismic line 22GA-UDFMelbourne region and Eastern Victoria, surveyraw data release (56 km) to explore groundwaterand Greater Adelaide region in South resources. The DL lines provide coverageAustralia (Figure 1). The objective of the The Darling-Curnamona-Delamerianof fundamental geophysical data oversurveys is the collection of consistent (DCD) 2D reflection seismic survey wasthe Flinders Range, the Delamerianand evenly distributed airborne gravity acquired during May to August 2022 inProvince and the Murray-Darling basindata over targeted regions to (i) improve the Delamerian Orogen, the Murray- region in eastern South Australia andupon the distribution and quality of Darling basin, the Curnamona Province,Victoria. The CD lines extend throughexisting gravity data and subsequently and the upper Darling River floodplainthe Curnamona Province and into theenhance the gravity model (known as the regions in South Australia, Victoria andDarling Basin. The UDF line will assistgravimetric quasi-geoid model) for height New South Wales (Figure 1). This projectwith refining the hydrogeological model,determination from GPS positioning and is a collaboration between GA, theunderstanding groundwater dynamics,(ii), to assist geoscience researchers to Geological Survey of South Australiaand locating areas better suited tofurther develop their understanding of (GSSA), the Geological Survey of Victoriagroundwater bores for better qualitythe regional geological architecture and (GSV) and the Geological Survey of Newgroundwater in the upper Darling Riverhow it has evolved over time.South Wales (GSNSW) and was funded byfloodplain area.the Australian Governments ExploringSurveying on lines 500 m to 2 km apart for the Future (EFTF) programme. TheRaw data for this survey are available onhas been underway since April 2022 overall objective of the EFTF Darling- request from clientservices@ga.gov.au -and is at approximately 35% complete Curnamona-Delamerian project is toquote eCat# 147423 through Victoria (Figure 4). An aircraft improve the understanding of mineralchange has been underway since June and groundwater resources of the2022 to take into account offshore Curnamona Province and DelamerianAusScope Melbourne/Easterncomponents. Total survey acquisition of Orogen and overlying basin systemsVictoria/South Australia airborneapproximately 200 000 km (including through acquisition and interpretationgravity survey South Australia) is expected to be of new pre-competitive geoscience datacompleted by June 2023.sets. GA in collaboration with the VictorianFor further information on this survey, Department of Environment, Land, Waterplease contact Dr Jack McCubbine, The total length of acquisition wasand Planning (DELWP), Department ofGeodetic Gravity Team Leader, National 1256 km distributed over five deepJobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) andGeodesy, at jack.mccubbine@ga.gov.aucrustal 2D reflection seismic lines:the South Australian Department of 22GA-DL1 (446 km), 22GA-DL2 (249 km),Planning, Transport and Infrastructure,Mike Barlow 22GA-CD1 (287 km), 22GA-CD2 (178 km),have been undertaking airborneGeoscience Australia 22GA-CD3 (39.5 km), to image deepgravity surveys over targeted regionsMike.Barlow@ga.gov.auFEBRUARY 2023 PREVIEW 20'