b'Presenter biographiesAEGC 2023AEGC 2023: Presenter biographiesDr Steve Abbott Steve.Abbott@ga.gov.au Steve joined theMr John Anderson nanderso@bigpond.net.au John Anderson Energy Systems Branch at Geoscience Australia in 2013 whereis a geologist by training and successful mineral explorer, he works as a Basin Analyst on regional tectonic andgeneral manager and managing director respectively with stratigraphic studies of Australias offshore basins. Past rolesAberfoyle, MIM and Investigator. John is currently using the include mineral exploration (mainly sedimentary uranium inluxury of semi-retirement to fully apply his discovery experience central Australia), teaching and research (Southern Crossand thinking towards step changes in targeting for large University, James Cook University, University of Tasmania), andmineral systems unhindered by tenement boundaries, regional mapping (Northern Territory Geological Survey). Hecorporate strategies and investment fads.earned his qualifications in sedimentary geology from Flinders (Hons 1987) and James Cook universities (PhD 1994). Steve isMrs Cristina Angheluta cristina.angheluta@dmirs.wa.gov.au past president of PESA ACT and a member of SEPM. Cristina Angheluta graduated from the University of Bucharest in Romania with an MSc in geophysics. Her career spans over 25 Mr Babagana Abubakar babaganabubakar2002@yahoo.comyears working as a geophysicist mainly in the oil and gas Babagana Abubakar is from Nigeria. He holds a BSc and aindustry around the world, building a significant experience in Masters degree and has over 50 publications. the full lifecycle of the seismic data: from acquisition to rock Dr Aryono Adhi aryono_adhi@mail.unnes.ac.id Aryono Adhi isphysics, 4D seismic and quantitative interpretation.a lecturer in geophysics in the Physics Department Faculty ofMr Craig Annison craig.annison@xcaliburmp.com Craig Math and Science, State University of Semarang. Annison received a BSc (Hons) in exploration geophysics in 1988 Miss Princy Agrahari princyagrahari.20mc0065@agp.iitism.ac. from Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia, and has since in Princy Agrahari is a geophysics enthusiast. worked for more than 30 years in ground and airborne geophysics with a succession of geophysical service companies; Dr Duraid Al-bayati d.al-bayati@postgrad.curtin.edu.au d. Tesla Geoscience, Fugro Airborne Surveys, CGG Multiphysics al-bayati Minerals, Energy and Chemical Engineering at Curtinand, since July 2021, Xcalibur Multiphysics. Craig has worked in University. He holds a BSs and MSc in Petroleum Engineeringa wide range of field, technical, management and business from Baghdad University/Iraq. He worked at Kirkuk University indevelopment positions, and currently has dual roles as Global Iraq for more than five years as an Associate Lecturer and aGeothermal Lead and Regional Sales Manager for Xcalibur Laboratory Tutor before he got a scholarship to pursue his PhDMultiphysics. Craig is based in Perth, Western Australia.studies. His research interests include enhanced hydrocarbon recovery (CO 2EOR), multiphase flow in porous media, andProf Michael Asten michael.asten.monash@gmail.com Michael reservoir numerical simulation. Al Bayati is a member of SPEAsten is a Professor (Retired) formerly at Monash University, now Western Australian Section as well as the European Associationwith Earth Insight, Melbourne. He is a past-President of the ASEG, of Geoscience and Engineering (EAGE). and recently served a three-year term as the AGC representative on the Australian Academy of Sciences UNCOVER Committee. He Dr Said Amiribesheli amiribs@yahoo.com Said Amiribesheli ishas published 215 scientific papers. He has developed passive Senior Geophysicist for KUFPEC Australia. Said has over 20 yearsseismic (microtremor) methods for 15 years, developing of experience in new ventures through to exploration and fieldsapplications for earthquake hazard and regolith characterisation development. His focus regions including Australia, SE Asia, PNG,in Australia, China, Turkey, North America and South America. He Barents Sea, Gulf of Mexico and the Middle East. Saids expertisefulfilled a leading role in the 2018 international COSMOS blind includes seismic interpretation, play analysis, rock physics andtrials of microtremor array methodology.reservoir characterisation, 4D seismic interpretation and monitoring. Said has extensive experience in play, lead andDr James Austin james.austin@csiro.au James Austin is a prospect generation, evaluation, volumetrics and risk analysis.geoscientist specialising in structural geology and potential Said holds a PhD in Exploration Geophysics from Curtinfields geophysics. His main interests are in the interrelationships University, Australia. between geochemical and physical processes in the crust from sub-grain to global scales. His research is primarily focussed on Miss Fatemeh Amirpoorsaeed fatemeh.amirpoorsaeed@ understanding the crustal processes that lead to deposition of monash.edu Fatemeh Amirpoorsaeed is a PhD Candidate atresources; the manifestation of those processes in geological, Monash University and a researcher at Structural Geology andgeophysical and remote sensing data; and the implications for Geophysics Research Group. Her background is in miningresource exploration. His most recent work is focussed on engineering - mineral exploration. She worked as a Minedeveloping scale consistent approaches to data integration Exploration Engineer for a few years in Iran. She has a strongusing machine learning, and the development of technology for background in geophysics, geology and exploration. In her PhDmapping mineral systems.project, she is utilising geophysical interpretation and structural geology to investigate an image of litho-scale structures thatDr Adam Bailey adam.bailey@ga.gov.au Adam Bailey is a control the base metal mineral systems in Australia. petroleum geoscientist at Geoscience Australia, with expertise in petroleum geomechanics, structural geology and basin Ms Helen Anderson h.anderson@searcherseismic.com Helenanalysis. He graduated with a BSc (Hons) in 2012 and a PhD in has over 25 years experience in both mineral and petroleum2016 from the Australian School of Petroleum at the University exploration, with a particular focus on the geologicalof Adelaide. Adam is currently part of the Onshore Energy application of non-seismic methods. Helen has worked forSystems team at Geoscience Australia, where he is currently various exploration companies and contractors, and is currentlyworking on the flagship Exploring for the Future programme in working with Searcher as VP Minerals. Northern Australia.157 PREVIEW FEBRUARY 2023'