b'Presenter biographiesAEGC 2023TIMA and LIBS automated mineralogy techniques while liaisingcommodities and geological settings. She has worked for Z&S with the mining industry customers and research organisations.Geology and Baker Hughes Geoscience in Copenhagen and in She is a passionate geoscientist and has a great understandingPerth, then with Imagestrat, and currently is with Oricas of many different mineral systems including base metals, HMS,Orebody Intelligence Group with a focus on image logs.and the LCT pegmatites, among others. She collaborates with the mineral processing departments by evaluating theMr Jeffrey B. Thurston jeff.thurston@intrepid-geophysics.com mineralogical data to optimise flowsheet deign and defineJeffery Thurston received his BS (1988) from the University of further opportunities for the extraction of the valuable minerals. Alberta in physics and an MS (1991) in geophysics. He worked at Home Oil Co. Ltd., the LITHOPROBE Seismic Processing Facility, Mr Nathan Tabain nathan.tabain@bhp.com Nathan is aand Commonwealth Geophysical Development Co., Ltd., before geophysicist with a BSc (1st Hons) in exploration geophysicsjoining Geoterrex in 1994. His interests include algorithm from Curtin University. His Honours dissertation was on thedevelopment and applications for mapping with geophysical application of TDEM for hydrogeology in the Perth Basin. Hedata. He is a member of APPEGA and SEG.previously worked at Rio Tinto Iron Ore in both the Wireline andA/Prof Caroline Tiddy caroline.tiddy@unisa.edu.auSurface geophysics teams, and is now the Specialist Geophysicist (Surface & Airborne) for BHP West Australian IronMr Luke Titus jtitus@northcentral.goldOre, where he is currently on secondment in the Hydrogeology team. His industry experience includes the application ofMr Aaron Tomkins aaron@gbgoz.com.au Aaron has been airborne, surface and wireline geophysical methods forworking with GBG Group as a geoscientist throughout Australia exploration targeting, resource definition, resource estimation,and worldwide since 2012 and has been involved in several and a range of hydrogeological, geotechnical andhigh-profile geophysical investigations throughout this time. geometallurgical applications. Notable tailings dam projects involved the use of seismic data collection and modelling and include: the Wafi Golpu TSF Dr Joseph Tang joseph.tang@resources.qld.gov.au Josephfeasibility study, the Rio Tinto Yarwun TSF dam health study and completed a BSc (Hons) at the University of Western Australiathe BHP TSF6 3D MASW study.and received a PhD in petrochemistry from the Queensland University of Technology. He has 36 years of local and overseasMr Jared Townsend jared.townsend@bhp.com Jared Townsend professional experience and currently holds the position ofis a mining and exploration geophysicist with a track record of Principal Geochemist with the Geological Survey of Queensland. significant achievements as a leader in world-class, multilingual teams across North & South America, Australia and Central Asia. Mr Randall Taylor taylor.randall@gmail.com Randall Taylor is aHe has expertise in the prediction, detection and definition of geophysicist specialising seismic interpretation, processing QC,metalliferous orebodies, from global generative-scale down to rock physics, prospect and play assessment and survey design.resource characterisation-scale. He also has a deep technical He has 30 plus years experience in many Australian and NZunderstanding of electrical geophysics, hardrock seismic and basins, including Otway, Perth, Taranaki, Cooper, Eromanga,potential field methods and their integration with other Surat, Browse and Carnarvon. geoscientific datasets for meaningful interpretations and drill A/Prof Svetlana Tessalina svetlana.tessalina@curtin.edu.autargeting. Jared was the lead geophysicist defining geological Svetlana Tessalina is currently an Associate Professor in John decontrols on gold mineralisation at both the Goldrush discovery Laeter Centre (JDLC) for Isotope Research, Curtin University inon the Cortez Trend in Nevada, and the Alturas discovery on the Perth, where she is managing a Thermo-Ionisation MassEl Indio Belt in Chile.Spectrometry (TIMS) Node. She completed her PhD in geologyMr Kosuke Tsutsui kosuke.tsutsui@adelaide.edu.au Kosuke and geochemistry of ore deposits, following ore depositsTsutsui is a PhD student at the Australian School of Petroleum research into metallic mineral deposits geology and theirand Energy Resources, University of Adelaide. His doctoral work formation processes, which is crucial for her present expertise asfocuses on the tectonic and magmatic activities of the isotope geochemist. She was involved in preparation andAustralian North West Shelf. Kosuke graduated from the Waseda implementation of large project dedicated to studies of UralsUniversity, Japan, where he received his BSc and MSc degrees in mineral resources, and currently focusing on metallic mineralearth science. He has been working for Japanese oil and gas deposits in Australia. exploration company, INPEX, as a geologist since 2013.Dr Stephan Thiel stephan.thiel@sa.gov.au Mr Chris van Galder chris.vangalder@xcaliburmp.com Chris van Galder graduated in engineering physics from Queens Mr Benjamin Thomas ben.thomas@gbgoz.com.au Ben hasUniversity in Canada and has spent nearly 20 years working with been working with the GBG Group as a geoscientist throughoutairborne gravity and airborne gravity gradiometer systems and Australia and worldwide since 2015, and has been involved intheir data processing. He is currently the Chief Geophysicist for countless geophysical investigations throughout this time.Xcalibur Multiphysics and is based in Australia. He has helped Notable projects include: Oilsearch Central Processing Refineryimplement new processing techniques and new system rock modelling, the Lihir CCD tank stabilisation investigation,developments for the Falcon AGG and sGrav and XGrav AG and the CopperString 2.0 Geotechnical Investigation. systems at Xcalibur.Dr Lena Thrane lthrane@nmrservices.com.au Lena Thrane hasMr Hector Verdejo hector.verdejo.p@gmail.coman extensive background in geology with an MSc and PhD in geology from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She hasDr Andrea Viezzoli av@aarhusgeo.com Andrea Viezzoli has a been working with borehole image log processing andPhD in geophysics and has managed Aarhus Geophysics since interpretation for 20 plus years and has a broad knowledge and2008. He is interested in all aspects of AEM and its applications. understanding of image tools. Her experience spans across bothIn the last five years, he has been heavily involved in studying oil and gas and mining industries and involves a variety ofand modelling IP effects in AEM data.FEBRUARY 2023 PREVIEW 170'