b'Conferences and eventsNewsModern Applications of Geophysics - Mineral case studies: Reflections on the MAG22 symposium presented by the WA Branch of the ASEGand was overwhelmingly voted aswebsite. Please take the time to check favourite by the audience. them out at the following address:We would like to acknowledgeMAG22 Symposium Proceedings| the generosity of our sponsorsAustralian Society of Exploration MAG is back! The Perth geoscienceMoombarriga Geoscience, HiSeis,Geophysicists (https://www.aseg.org.au/community welcomed the secondMira Geoscience, Expert Geophysics,mag22-symposium-proceedings).instalment of the MAG (ModernSouthern Geoscience Consultants,Last but not least, thanks to the Applications of Geophysics) symposiumFortescue Metals Group, Firstorganising committee Cam Adams, Matt series in November 2022. It wasQuantum Minerals, IGO and XcaliburBlomfield, Dan Lindsey, Michel Nzikou, always going to be difficult to top lastMultiphysics. We also had a specialLucy Soares & Jarrad Trunfull for putting years event, but the challenge wasYoung Professional sponsor in NRG,on a truly great event!met, helped by the fact that WA hadwho contributed towards a bursary gradually opened during 2022 (afterfor two interstate early career/studentSee you next year!early COVID lockdowns), allowing usgeophysicists to travel to Perth andDarren Hunt and Regis Neronito invite contributions from colleaguesattend MAG22. We were delighted todarrenhunt@iinet.net.auoutside the Perth fishbowl. have our YP attendees AJ Ajrish andregis@newgengeo.com.auOliver Mowbray join us in Perth for The symposium was moved up to Perthsthe event. Thanks to NRG for enabling premiere conference venue, the Statethis career-changing bursary forAbstractsReception Centre at Frasers Kings Park,young members who would not have to accommodate a record number ofotherwise been able to attend. Integrated 3D modelling and over 160 attendees, which included aassociated machine learning targeting: sizeable cohort of geologists from ourIn keeping with the MAG theme ofThe Jaguar Greenstone Belt examplesister organisation AIG. connecting geology and geophysics,1* 1 1MAG22 featured a small hands-onGem Midgley , James Reid , Aurore Joly , The programme included a line-up ofexhibition from Perths petrophysicalGlenn Pears1, Jean-Philippe Paiement1, ten excellent presenters from variedproviders. GeoResults, SouthernMatt Healy3, Dave Potter3, Kurtis backgrounds, with a fairly evenlyGeoscience Consultants and TerraDunstone3, John Hamill2, Andrew Nish2, & balanced representation of miningPetrophysics were set up with boothsDale Overall2companies and consultancies. The talksdisplaying the latest in petrophysical1Mira Geoscience, 2Round Oak Minerals offered a good mix of commodities,technology. Experienced practitioners(now Aeris Resources), 3Formerly Round techniques, and project stages. However,from the companies were available toOak Mineralsmost of the case studies were fromanswer questions and demonstrate Australia, and WA in particular, reflectingthe equipment. The booths provedWe completed an integrated an unintentional local bias. to be a popular distraction from theinterpretation in the Jaguar Greenstone refreshments and networking during theBelt in Western Australia, based on The gender balance of our speakerbreaks, and hopefully put the disciplinea suite of geological, geochemical group improved from last year (doubleof petrophysics at the forefront ofand geophysical datasets. The 3D the number of female speakers!) butattendees mindssomething we thinkstructural and stratigraphic regional it would still be great to see moreboth geologists and geophysicists canmodel thus developed was consistent female geoscientist representation.benefit from! with the geophysical data and formed It would also be encouraging to seethe foundation for the exploration better representation of early-careerA handful of lucky attendees receivedmodel. Targeting and prospectivity geoscientists at the speakers podium.a door prize with a geological flavour; aanalysis were based on quantifying Challenges to take up during thecurated rock sample collection to helpexploration targeting criteria and planning of the next MAG symposiums. spreading the passion for geoscience.explicitly representing these criteria in The talks featured high qualitySpeakers received a special gift in thethe exploration model for sub-seafloor illustrations as well as strong technicalsame vein (pun intended), a limited- replacement-style Volcanic Hosted content. Some daredevils even includededition engraved geo pick. Massive Sulphide (VHMS) deposits.3D animations which (thankfully) workedThe MAG symposiums reputation is flawlessly, creating a stunning visualnow firmly established, and we are keenThe regional geological model was built spectacle for the audience. to hear from anyone who would likefrom geological constraints (mapping, to volunteer a presentation at the nextdrill holes) but also in close integration Andrew Thompson took home this yearsMAG instalmentparticularly those withwith potential fields data, producing a trophy for the Best Presentation Awardprojects further-afield, wishing to presentviable starting model for geologically with his talk entitled The Discoverytheir unique perspective to an Australianconstrained inversion to solve for rock of the Jericho ISCG Deposit; Followingaudience. property variations within the various the breadcrumbs. This presentationgeological domains. When the model was combined masterful storytelling withUntil then, presentations approved forsubmitted to geologically constrained insightful geoscientific data integrationpublic release are available on the ASEGinversion to reconcile unexplained FEBRUARY 2023 PREVIEW 14'