b'Crossword Preview crossword #24Across Down5. A crescent shaped sand dune found in deserts with winds blowing1.The metamorphic process of shearing in a fault zone whereby rocks are torn apart,predominantly from one direction [7,4] and minerals are ground down, and reformed into a stretched, granular rock7. A stream drainage that is usually dry and fills with water only during2. A natural enclosed depression found in karst landscapes brief episodes of rainfall8. A sinuous ridge of roughly stratified gravel and sand that was deposited3.Foreign rock fragment within an intrusive igneous body that is unrelated to theby a stream running beneath a glacier, and was left behind when theigneous body itselfglacier retreated9. A lover of rocks 4. Organisms that obtain their metabolic energy and synthesise biomass (such ascarbohydrates) from reduced elements like sulphur, sulphide, and ferrous iron, instead of sunlight11. A mineral that has the same crystal form appearance as another6. The exploration and study of caves mineral, and which has usually developed by replacing the original mineral12. Small cavity or vesicle within a lava or similar volcanic rock which has9. The line of descent of organisms from one species to another, or the study of suchbeen filled with secondary minerals such as calcite, quartz or zeolites relationships13. Where the grains or clasts within a sedimentary rock are composed of10. Lakes or seas in which there is mixing of surface and deeper waters many different rock typesPlay to win!!Send your answers to previeweditor@aseg.org.au. The first correct entry received from an ASEG Member will win two Hoyts E- CINEGIFT passes. The answers will be published in the next edition of Preview.Good luck!FEBRUARY 2023 PREVIEW 174'