b'Presenter biographiesAEGC 2023geodynamic of the Ligurian Sea, Western Mediterranean. Since2020. His research focusses on quantitative 3D seismic joining Geoscience Australia, she contributed to assessments ofstratigraphy (QSS) of the Hammerhead interval from the Bight the petroleum prospectivity, seepage studies, CO 2storage andBasin, southern Australian margin. Funding for this project cover mapping of Australian sedimentary basins. Nadege isincludes QSS 2 Consortium research funding, an AAPG GIA currently investigating depositional framework andaward, the PESA Horstman Federal Postgraduate Scholarship groundwater systems in the Great Artesian Basin. (2021), and a UWA Faculty of Science HDR Support Grant. He is also employed part-time as a first-year geology demonstrator at Miss India Sadd 19486628@student.curtin.edu.au India Sadd isthe University of Western Australia. John is a student member of a Brisbane-based Graduate Operations Geologist at Santos Ltd.PESA, ASEG, and AAPG.She graduated from Curtin University with First Class Honours in 2021, having completed a Santos sponsored research project.Mr Sergey Shevchenko sergeys@sis-exploration.com Sergey This study involved the detailed petrological and geochemicalShevchenko AB, MS in geophysics from Tashkent University analysis of source rock intervals from the Dorado core to(USSR). He submitted (May 2022) his PhD thesis in geophysics to investigate the facies control on organic matter compositions inCurtin University in collaboration with Michigan Technical the Middle Triassic Caley Member, Bedout Sub-basin. FindingsUniversity. He is a geoscientist with full-circle skills in the were related to oil and gas-condensate discoveries in theexploration and development of hydrocarbons with a proven Dorado-Phoenix area and the resulting model provides antrack record of discoveries. He has experience in over 15 enhanced guide to the prediction of hydrocarbon occurrencepetroleum basins worldwide. His expertise is in potential field and the expected liquids/gas phase. Methods of analysismethods, seismic interpretation, and QI. He worked for Santos, included non-destructive fingerprinting via IonTof Time-of- TOYO Engineering Corporation, Rosneft, DownUnder Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) scanningGeosolutions, Cooper Energy, TransAtlantic Petroleum, electron microscopy, coupled with incident light fluorescentIncremental petroleum, Arc Energy, Monitor Energy, Woodside microscopy and traditional organic geochemistry. Petroleum, Department of Mines and Petroleum of WA.Mr Subhadeep Sarkar subhadeep.geop@gmail.com Dr Valeriya Shulakova Valeriya.Shulakova@csiro.au Valeriya Shulakova is a Research scientist in CSIRO, Perth, Australia. She is Dr Daniel Sattel dsattel@comcast.net Daniel Sattel holds a PhDa geophysicist, specialising in seismic data processing, time-in geophysics from Macquarie University. He worked at Worldlapse processing, image processing with focus on digital rock Geoscience in Perth from 1996-2004 processing andphysics.interpreting airborne electromagnetic data. Since 2004 he has worked as an independent consultant from Golden, CO. Dr Janelle Simpson janelle.simpson@dnrme.qld.gov.au Janelle is a Principal Geophysicist with the Geological Survey of Mr Oliver Schenk OSchenk@slb.com Queensland with a background in MT, potential fields, Dr Heather Schijns heather.schijns@bhp.com Heather Schijnsmodelling and inversion.has been working as a geophysicist since 2008, when she beganMr Phil Skladzien phillip.skladzien@ecodev.vic.gov.au Phil working in greenfield exploration in Canadas arctic. She hasSkladzien graduated from the University of Adelaide with since worked in North and South America, Europe, Australasiahonours in geophysics. He is currently a senior geophysicist at and Africa for a range of commodities, including nickel, copper,the Geological Survey of Victoria with over 20 years experience, lead-zinc and coal. She has an MSc and a PhD from University ofspanning both industry and government. Phils main area of Alberta in geophysics, with a focus on seismic methods and rockexpertise is structural geophysics - the integration of physics in metamorphic rocks, and has worked on hard rockgeophysics, structural geology, geodynamics, petrophysics and seismic projects spanning five continents as well as offshore.3D modelling. Recently his work has been focused on Heather worked for Aurora Geosciences and MMG Ltd beforeunderstanding the tectonic history, geodynamic evolution and joining BHPs Resource Centre of Excellence group in 2017 asmineral potential of north-eastern Victoria, including Global Principal Geoscientist, Seismic Geophysics. interpretation of recent deep seismic reflection transects, and Dr Carsten Scholl carsten.scholl@cgg.com Carsten Scholl worksthe broader implications of these results for mineral on the multidimensional inversion of all types of active EMprospectivity.methods. He completed his PhD at the University of Cologne,Dr Lee Slater lslater@newark.rutgers.edu Lee Slater is a Germany in 2005, working on the processing and interpretationDistinguished Professor and the Henry Rutgers Professor of of ground-based TEM data. Then he proceeded to work as aGeophysics at Rutgers University. His research focuses on postdoc at the University of Toronto, Canada, on collection andnear-surface geophysics, and he has performed extensive interpretation of seabed EM data. He joined Fugro (andlaboratory and field studies with resistivity and induced eventually CGG) in 2008, where he developed 2D and 3Dpolarisation. In 2013 he was awarded the Harold B. Mooney forward and inversion algorithms for marine, land based andAward for long-term contributions in education and airborne EM and potential field methods data sets. professional outreach in near-surface geophysics by the Society Dr Hoel Seille hoel.seille@csiro.au of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS). He was elected Fellow Mr Pavel Shashkin pavel.shashkin@curtin.edu.au of the American Geophysical Union in 2018 for visionary experimentation in near-surface geophysics.Mrs Lori Shelton Pieniazek lori.shelton@spectralevolution.com Lori Pieniazek is a geologist with a focus on spectral geology. Ms Sue Slater slatersms@gmail.com Sue is a geologist and currently retired from full-time work but consults through Ray Mr John Shepherd john.shepherd@research.uwa.edu.au JohnSlater & Associates. She has been a member of the PESA Shepherd commenced his PhD in geology with the Centre forQueensland branch committee since 2007, serving as Branch Energy Geoscience at the University of Western Australia inPresident for four years between 2009 and 2014, and remains an FEBRUARY 2023 PREVIEW 168'