b'AEGC 2023Programme at a glanceWall-Hinman Symposium 2 Volato-thermal processes inArchean Au systems: Implicationsfor earth metallogeny. JohnWalshe Thermal aureole gold modelupdate. Greg Hall Intrusive controversies andregional 3D targeting forthermal aureole gold and IOCGmineralisation. Rick Valenta DiscussionMinerals 12 -New methods /Technologies Broadband Tempestupgrades. Eric Steele Application of time-of- flight secondary ionmass spectrometryto the geosciences.William Rickard Automating featureextraction frommodel ensemblesproduced byprobabilisticgeophysical inversion.Gerhard Visser Semi-automatedidentification ofregolith/basementinterfaces usinghyperspectral andgeochemical data: aMinEx CRC project.Hamid ZekriMinerals 11 - WAProvinces - RegionalStudies AEM survey mapsconnection betweenthe Carnarvon Basinand the CapricornOrogen. Ned Stolz Insights into theAnketell and WestBarnicarndy Faults,Paterson Province,using reprocessedlegacy seismic data.Helen Anderson Integration of regionalscale geophysicaldata to generate a 3Dgeological model ofthe Paterson Province.Antonio Huizi Southern CanningBasin, WesternAustralia - Insightsfrom public airborneelectromagnetic data.James ReidMorning Tea and Exhibition Minerals 10 - LargeDatasets andMachine LearningApplications Critical mineralprospectivity mappingon the Gawler cratonusing a new machinelearning framework.Ehsan Farahbakhsh Mantle to mine:An integratedmachine learning,minerals systemsand geomechanicalapproach to copperand gold exploration.John McLellan AI/ML to unlockpotential of dormantdata of rock chips.Marina Pervukhina Integration by design:A novel approach tothe multimodal BigData conundrum ingeoscience. JamesAustinPetroleumKeynotes Technology &teamwork forleveraging thedigital revolution& navigatingenergytransition.Sandeep Chandola A seismic sourcefield trial inthe Bass Strait:testing theimpact of severaldifferent sourceconfigurationson geophysicalquality, receivedsound anddirect impacton scallops andlobsters. JonCockerHigh SchoolStudentSession 2Near-Surface3 - RegionalHydrogeophysics andBasin Systems Trusted environmentaland geologicalinformation stratigraphicframeworks forresource andhydrogeologicalassessments. CarmineWainman An integratedgeophysical methodapproach to evaluatingmanaged aquiferrecharge potential inthe Pilbara. NathanTabain Development of anew basin-wide 3Dhydrogeological modelof the Great ArtesianBasin for groundwaterassessment. NadegeRollet Investigation of coastalPerth Basin north forJurien Bay town watersupply with airborneelectromagnetics.Karen GilgallonMinerals 9 - AEMModelling Enhancements todeterministic AEMinversion throughbetter geometryconstraints and abunch-by-bunchalgorithm. Ross Brodie 3D EM Inversion ofUTEM data to recoverhighly-conductivetargets. Devin Cowan 3D inversion ofAirborne EM usingairborne magneticsas a structural guide.Carsten Scholl Airborne and groundinduced polarisationintegration:new insights forexploration. FrancescoDauti10:30 11:0061 PREVIEW FEBRUARY 2023'