b'Presenter biographiesAEGC 2023liaising with the French Geological Survey to further developDr Peng Guo peng.guo@csiro.au Peng Guo is a research and promote new technology for 3D Geological mapping (3Dscientist at CSIRO.GeoModeller) software integrated with potential field geophysics. He is holding a PhD in Mining Engineering from theMr Boris Gurevich b.gurevich@curtin.edu.auUniversity of Melbourne (Australia). He is a Director for SpatialDr Peter Haines Peter.HAINES@dmirs.wa.gov.auVision, a Director for RMIT Innovations Ltd, and the Chairman of GeoJAG. He is also a member of the Australasian Institute ofDr Stephen Hallinan Stephen.Hallinan@cgg.comMining and Metallurgy (AIMM), Australian Industry of Petroleum (AIP), Mineral Industry Consultants Association (MICA), SocietyDr Kyle Hardman admin@nomadatomics.com Kyle Hardman is of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG), and the Australian Society ofthe CEO and Co-founder of Nomad Atomics, a quantum sensing Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG). Des is based in Melbourne,hardware startup spun out of the Australian National University. Australia. Kyle has spent his career developing novel precision sensing techniques using atomic physics, and has been instrumental in Dr Arianne Ford arianne.ford@ga.gov.au Arianne is a spatialthe push to commercialise these next-generation sensors data analyst whose focus is on the use of spatial statistics andthrough Nomads first offering, a field portable absolute machine learning for evaluating mineral potential, with aquantum gravimeter for the resource sector.specific interest in how to manage practical challenges found in dealing with geoscience data. She holds a BSc (Hons) inDr Steve Hearn steveh@velseis.com Steve Hearn graduated Computer Science and a PhD in Economic Geology and prior tofrom the University of Queensland in 1975, with BSc App joining Geoscience Australia in 2022 worked extensively in(Geophysics)(Hons) and a University Medal. He received a PhD academia and industry. in seismology, also from UQ. He has worked for multi-national and Australian seismic companies, as a consultant, and as an Dr Clive Foss clive.foss@csiro.au Clive is a senior researchacademic. He is currently Managing Director and Chief scientist in CSIRO Mineral Resources based at Lindfield, Sydney.Geophysicist at Velseis.Clive joined CSIRO in 2009 after working for 14 years with Encom Technology as principal consultant and leading theMr Robert Hearst Robert.Hearst@sgc.com.au Robert obtained ModelVision software development team. Clive has a BSc inhis HBSc (Geophysics with Geology) from UWO in 1983; and in geophysics from the University of Reading and a PhD from1993 obtained a MSc (Geology and Geophysics) from McMaster Leeds University for palaeomagnetic and rock magnetic studiesUniversity. Robert has experience as Chief Geophysicist McPhar of Archaean rocks in southern Africa. Airborne Surveys; President and Chief Geophysicist, MPX Airborne Surveys; Manager Interpretation, Quantec Geoscience; Ms Karen Gilgallon karen.gilgallon@sgc.com.au Karen has a BScand Chief Geophysicist, Areva Resources Canada Inc. before (hons) in Geophysics and has over 20 years experience in all typesjoining Southern Geoscience Consultants (SGC) as Consulting of geophysical methods exploring for various types of economicGeophysicist - Americas. He has experience in the Americas, mineralisation, and water. She has experience as a field-basedAfrica, Middle East, China, India. He is a member of the PDAC, supervisor for surveys in Australia, Africa and the Pacific. As aSEG, CSEG, ASEG, EAGE, CIMM and KEGS and is a registered Principal Geophysicist, she is responsible for the design,Professional Geophysicist with PGO (and Council member), management, and interpretation of all types of geophysicalAPEGS, APEGA and NAPEG.surveys. Karen has particular experience in the QC, interpretation and modelling of electrical and electromagnetic methods. Mr Emad Hemyari emad.al-hemyari@postgrad.curtin.edu.au Emad A. Hemyari is an exploration geophysics PhD student at Mr Yuelian Gong ygong3@slb.com Yuelian Gong, graduatedCurtin University. He holds a Bachelors degree in electrical from Tongji University in China with Solid Geophysics Mastersengineering from KFUPM and a Masters degree in electrical degree in 2004. After graduation, he joined the research centreengineering from KAUST, Saudi Arabia. He has over ten years of BGP, CNPC as R & D support. In 2006, he joined CGGsofexperience in the oil and gas industry as a geophysicist in Singapore centre as a seismic processor and worked there tillseismic data acquisition and processing, CO 2monitoring, 2014. In 2014, he started to work in WesternGecos Perth centreandSWD.as a depth imager. In total Yuelian Gong has more than 18 yearsMrs Kate Hine khine@mitregeophysics.com.au Kate is the experience in the geophysical industry. He specialises in bothPrincipal Consultant for, and a Director of, Mitre Geophysics time and depth processing of seismic data; from signalPty Ltd which has been advising the mining industry since processing, through isotropic/anisotropic depth model building1980, and has worked on projects across the globe including including tomography and FWI to final production delivery. both Antarctica and the Arctic. Kate has 18 years experience Mr Anthony Goodall agoodall@slb.com Anthony Goodall isworking on a wide variety of commodities in a range of Schlumberger Asia Pacific Seismic Business Manager, with 28different geological settings, with some of the most years seismic processing experience. He graduated from theinteresting and exciting discoveries in Australia and Australian School of Petroleum in 1993. worldwide. In Kates portfolio of discoveries, several are more than 400 m below surface with no surface indications. Her Mr Roger Griffiths roger.griffiths@orica.com Roger has overparticular specialty is high quality EM processing and 35years experience in geoscience including 29 years in theinterpretation, but she also has unrivalled expertise in MMR petroleum industry. He is currently involved in orebodymethods, used to detect and define weakly conductive evaluation for the mining industry. He has field operations,mineralisation. Kate is also active in research and publication measurement engineering, client technical support andand has won two Best Paper awards from the Australian management experience including leading the petrophysicalSociety of Exploration Geophysicists. She is also regularly support population of the worlds largest oilfield servicesinvited to speak at industry events. Kate graduated in 2002 company. from the University of Tasmania.161 PREVIEW FEBRUARY 2023'