b'Geophysics in the surveysNewsFigure 3.a) Location of proposed WA Array 40 km grid of stations including temporary stations deployed in previous arrays; b) stations deployed in Phase 1 in the Southwestbe cleared for both passive seismic andconducted by GA as part ofthe AusLAMPPetrophysicsmagnetotelluric (MT) surveys. The MTproject (contact: Ruth.MURDIE@dmirs.will follow the passive seismic andbewa.gov.au). In 2020, GSWA initiated a project to acquire a suite of petrophysical measurements on drillcore samples as an ongoing EIS programme to 2027 for the provision of a regional petrophysical coverage of significant type-lithologies, alteration and mineralisation styles. The programme complements both the EIS co-funded Exploration Drilling programme and GSWAs regional geophysical surveys, and as an input for constraining interpretation models from those data.Between 2020 and 2022, measurements were made on some 5000 samples from selected drillcore from the Paterson Orogen, West Arunta, Eucla basement, Eastern Goldfields Superterrane, Mt Weld, southwest Yilgarn and Albany Fraser Orogen (Figure 4). Measurements on a further 2000 samples are proposed in 202223 (contact: Charlotte.HALL@dmirs.wa.gov.au).Data accessAll GSWA geophysical datasets and reports are available via GSWAs MAGIX platform at https://magix.dmirs.wa.gov.au and via GeoVIEW.WA at https://www.dmp.wa.gov.au/Geoview.David Howard, Ruth Murdie and Charlotte Hall Geological Survey of Western Australia Figure 4.Location of drillholes with GSWA petrophysical measurements. David.HOWARD@dmirs.wa.gov.auFEBRUARY 2023 PREVIEW 34'