b'Geophysics in the surveysNewsWales in 2018 and 2019 (see Preview 202, p.19). New workflows have been developed to incorporate the influences of off-line geology (including buried geology) into a gravity model that can be reconciled with seismic data acquired along very crooked lines in an area with lots of topographic variation. The revised geological interpretation honours all available data and delivers significant additional geological insights. There are implications for mineral prospectivity that extend well beyond the project area, including for gold and for a range of critical and strategic minerals. Visit the project webpage for more detail at www.earthresources.vic.gov.au/evgiFor more information about GSV andour geological programmes visit www.earthresources.vic.gov.au/geology-exploration.Figure 3.Temperature range of the Lower Tertiary aquifer.Suzanne Haydon, Rami Eid, Charlotte (LTA) as the most prospective of theincluding Geoscience Australia, theRiley, Matt Boyd, Shannon Herley and Ross geothermal aquifers in the GippslandGeological Survey of New South Wales,Cayley Basin (Figure 3), and the Morwell coalthe Geological Survey of South Australia,Geological Survey of Victoria seams and Gippsland Limestone as thethe Surveyor-General Victoria and theSuzanne.Haydon@ecodev.vic.gov.aumost important insulators. The highestCoordinated Imagery Program at Land prospectivity for direct-use geothermalUse Victoria. Keep an eye on social and energy is in the LaTrobe Valley betweenmedia channels for programme news. ReferencesMorwell and Sale, parallel to Ninety Mile Beach between Lake Wellington andEid, R. & Goldie Divko, L.M., 2022. Metung, and also near Seaspray andGeophysical modelling update Preliminary investigation of the Yarram. hydrogen storage potential in the New work has been undertaken byPort Campbell Embayment, Onshore the Geological Survey of Victoria in theOtway Basin, Victoria. Geological Geophysical data acquisitionOtway Basin, building on gravity andSurvey of Victoria Special Publication. update inversion modelling from the VictorianGeological Survey of Victoria, Gas Program. The new study combinesDepartment of Jobs, Precincts and At the 2022 International Mining andseismic interpretation, gravity inversionRegions, Melbourne, Victoria, 56 pp. Resources Conference GSV presentedand forward modelling, demonstratinghttps://gsv.vic.gov.au/rid/169593a map summarising regional datathe usefulness of applying modernONeill, C.D., Grover, J.D. & Taylor, acquisition recently undertaken and in- conceptual models of rift formation usingD.H., 2022a. Mapping geothermal progress across Victoria (see Preview 221).new and old data. The work indicatesaquifers using Tromino horizontal Several surveys including LiDAR, airbornethat the depth of the Portland Trough hasto vertical spectral ratio passive electromagnetics, magnetotelluricspreviously been underestimated and willseismic. Mornington Peninsula, and land seismic/ gravity have recentlybe made public as a technical report withVictoria. Geological Survey of Victoria, completed acquisition. Passivean associated data set. Department of Jobs, Precincts and seismic, land and airborne gravityNewly digitised and collated well logsRegions, Melbourne, Victoria, 20 pp. data acquisition will be continuingfrom the western Otway Basin will alsohttps://gsv.vic.gov.au/rid/171232throughout 2023. The survey data andbe made publicly available this year. ONeill, C.D., Hocking, M.J., & Riley, C.P., associated reporting will be made2022b. Mapping the geothermal publicly available as processing andModelling and interpretation continuespotential of Cenozoic aquifers in quality assurance are completed. for deep crustal seismic and groundGippsland, Victoria. Geological Survey gravity data acquired across theof Victoria. Department of Jobs, These programmes are beingAustralian Alps by Geoscience Australia,Precincts and Regions. Melbourne, undertaken in collaboration with statethe Geological Survey of Victoria andVictoria. 81 pp. https://gsv.vic.gov.au/and national geoscience partnersthe Geological Survey of New Southrid/169360FEBRUARY 2023 PREVIEW 36'