b'AEGC 2023Programme at a glanceP5 P4 Wall-Hinman Symposium 1 Introduction to yhis memorialsymposium and welcome to PatWall and Maggie Harvey. NickOliver Mineral systems and careerdiscussions with Vic Wall (a videorecorded in 2017). Greg Hall Mark Hinmans pencil case. GeoffPhillips Experimental petrologyapplications to mineralprocessing. Mark PowncebyP3 Petroleum 5 - SeismicData Processing Next generationland processinggives confidence inold basin. GraemeEastwood Unveiling the seismicimage beneathvolcanics in the BassBasin. Shiping Wu Leveraging legacydata: An onshorereprocessing casestudy from theBowen Basin. AnthonyGoodall Velocity ScanMigrations: AValuable Additionto the SeismicInterpreters Toolkit.Peter HoilesBrisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre P2 Petroleum 4 -Exploration Insightsinto the SouthernMargins of Australia Towards a regionalunderstandingof SherbrookSupersequencegross depositionalenvironments,offshore Otway Basin.Steve Abbott Petroleum systemmodelling of thedeep-water OtwayBasin. Oliver Schenk Marked depositionaland organic facieschange across thePaleocene-Eocene inthe Gippsland Basin,Australia. GregorySmith Resolving basementcrustal architectureand extensionaltectonics using 3Dinversion modelling ofairborne gravity datain the Otway Basinregion, Victoria. MarkMcLeanAEGC 2023 THURSDAY16 March 2023 Registration Open 8:00 Exhibition Open P1 Minerals 8 -Quantitative / MLGeology Characterisationof metavolcanicmegaclaststructures withinthe Moyston Faulthangingwall mlange(MoornamboolMetamorphicComplex), westernVictoria: Insightsfrom potential fieldmodelling andmachine learning. TomMcNamara Application of 2D, 3Dand in-situ techniques9:00 in quantitativecharacterisation anddating of sedimentaryrocks. Zhen Li Using machine learningto generate analternative geologicalinterpretation. StevenSullivan Quantification of crystalsize distribution involcanic rocks withmachine-learningimage analysis: MtRead Volcanics,Tasmania. MartinJutzelerM4 Near-surfKeynotes Applications ofpassive seismicimaging &monitoringacross scales.Erdinc Saygin Geophysics inthe Antarctic:reflections andfutures. AdrianMcCallumM3 High SchoolStudentSession 1M2 Minerals 6 - AEMMinerals 7 - DeepCrustal Studies Geometry of theNorth AustralianCraton marginsA brief analysis ofand correlationswith upper crustalstructures. FatemehAmirpoorsaeed A new approach toimaging deep crustalstructures acrosspassive continentalactive-source andmargins: Revisiting thecrustal architecture ofSoutheast Australiaspassive margin.Chibuzo Chukwu Insights into thedeep crust acrossthe Delamerian andLachlan Orogensderived from newgeo-environments.magnetotelluric data.Alexander Prikhodko Stephan Thiel Complete earth 3DThe nature ofmodelling of landthe CarpentariaConductivity Anomaly.Janelle SimpsonM1 Methods MobileMT data. DanielSattel The joint inversion ofnatural-field EM data.Daniel Sattel Application of naturalfield airborneelectromagneticsin conductivecontrolled-source EM.Randall MackieStart Time 8:00 BCEC room IDFEBRUARY 2023 PREVIEW 60'