b'AEGC 2023Programme at a glanceSocietyCommitteeMeetings asrequiredSocietyCommitteeMeetings asrequiredMinerals 28 -Geophysicalmodeling and casestudies Comparison ofresistivity andchargeabilityinversions integratingrock physicalproperties andgeological models.Carlos Pea Depth to basementmapping in MountIsa using 2D MTconstrained inversions.Hoel Seille The AusArray SA andLake Eyre Basinseismic arrays: Usingpassive seismologyto illuminate thelithosphere in SouthAustralia. John PaulODonnell A geophysically relevantproton conductionmodel for the uppermantle. SarathPatabendigedaraPetroleum 17 - CO 2 and Hydrogen StorageHydrogen gasstorage prospectsin the offshoreGippsland Basin.Mark Bunch Computation ofvertical fluidmobility of CO ,2 methane, hydrogenand hydrocarbonsthrough sandstonesand carbonates:Implications storagefor CO 2 and hydrogenexploration.BhavikHarish Lodhia Assessinggeochemicalreactivity during geologicalCO 2 storage: Anexample fromthe Surat Basin.JuliePearce Cost effective high- resolution marinestreamer seismicacquisition andimaging solutionsfor new energyapplications.MartinWidmaier Closing Plenary Session - Summary, Awards, AEGC24 update and final presentationsLunch and Exhibition 12:30 Petroleum 16 - Digital13:30 Frameworks for BetterPractices Digital petroleum:Perspectives of industryBig Data integration andautomation - managing13:30 non-renewable andrenewable energysources. ShastriNimmagadda Deep learning and naturallanguage processingto analyse legacy textreports and enhance13:30 petroleum, minerals andclean energy explorationworkflows. RussellMenezes 13:30 13:30 Afternoon Tea and Exhibition 15:00 15:30 17:00 DEPARTURE HAPPY HOURPetroleum 15- Seismic AVOMinerals 27 -Analysis andSeismic - Gawler Australian NW3D seismic feasibilitystudy of OlympicDam. Heatherexploration wellSchijns Ironbark-1 and aSeismic guidedmineralsexploration. GregTurner Rock physicsSeismic velocitydriven machine(Vp) vs alterationmineralogy in theOlympic Dam IOCGcharacterisation.deposit. Kathy Ehrig The first sparse 3Dusing machinehardrock seismicsurvey at OlympicDam. Jaredlearning: A caseTownsend Duy Thong KieuEarly Career& StudentSession 2: TheGeoPitchMinerals 26 - Highresolution surveys Inversion 3 New insights intoShelf UpperOptimisation of 3DTriassic MungarooRES/IP/MT surveys toFormationefficiently follow-updepositional systemspreviously identifiedbased on the deepRecon-Type RES/ IP anomalies. SteveBoucher regionally merged3D seismic data set.Dan Bishop Drone enhancedRapidPlay evaluationcapabilitiesthrough AIapplied to gradientinterpretation. Jacobmagnetics.Smith AdamKroll Alunitecharacterisationlearning for quick &with ultra highimproved reservoirresolution SWIR. LoriShelton Pieniazek Jyoti Malik Automate lithologyprediction processfrom well log dataHeterodyne methodof sulphidelearning and deepdetection: Latestfield results.study from Ha LamSteveCollins coalfield, Vietnam.Note: Programme draft as at 09/02/2023 and subject to changeFEBRUARY 2023 PREVIEW 66'