b'Presenter biographiesAEGC 2023Dr Marina Pervukhina Marina.Pervukhina@csiro.au Mr Rasoul Ranjbarkarami Ranjbarkarami.rasoul@gmail.com Rasoul Ranjbar is a PhD student at the School of Earth and Prof Roman Pevzner r.pevzner@curtin.edu.au Environmental Science, the University of Queensland. Rasoul Mr Paul Phythian Paul.Phythian@chevron.com Paul Phythian ishas over eight years of combined academic and industrial a geophysicist in the G&G Services Team of Chevron Australiasresearch experience in the fields of geomechanics and Applied Reservoir Management group in Perth, Westernpetrophysics. He earned his Masters degree in earth science at Australia. Prior to working with Chevron Paul spent 13 years as athe University of Tehran.processing geophysicist with various seismic contractors inMiss Mahtab Rashidifard mahtab.rashidifard@research.uwa.Australia. Paul has been with Chevron for 15 years. Pauledu.au Mahtab Rashidifard is a PhD student in earth sciences completed his Bachelor of Applied Science degree with Honours(geophysics) working on methodology development of in Geophysics from the University of Queensland in 1994. integrated inversion of gravity and reflection seismic data with Mr Nathanael Pittaway nathanaelpittaway@datarock.com.au different spatial coverage. Her background is in petroleum engineering with a developed interest in exploration geophysics.Mr Nikhil Prakash nikhil.prakash@riotinto.com Nikhil Prakash is a geophysicist with 10 years of work experience in mineralDr Anandaroop Ray anandaroop.ray@ga.gov.auexploration within Australia, India and China districts. He has worked extensively in copper, diamond, iron ore and uraniumDr Nigel Rees nigel.rees@anu.edu.au Nigel Rees joined the exploration with some additional project generation work inNational Computational Infrastructure at the Australian National bauxite, heavy mineral sands and nickel. University in 2017 after completing a PhD in geophysics at The University of Adelaide. Currently he works as an HPC and data Mr Puskar Pramanik 21mc0059@agp.iitism.ac.in Puskarsoftware specialist and has past experience in research data Pramanik is a pre-final year MScTech student of Appliedmanagement and magnetotelluric geophysics.Geophysics at the Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines ), Dhanbad. Dr James Reid jamesr@mirageoscience.com James is a Principal Consultant with Mira Geoscience in Perth, and has an extensive Mr Alexander Prikhodko alexander@expertgeophysics.comgeophysical consulting background. He has expertise in the Alexander (PhD, PGeo, EMBA) has over 35 years of professionalplanning and quantitative interpretation of electromagnetic experience in the acquisition, processing, and interpretation ofand electrical methods, particularly the application of airborne airborne and ground geophysical data for a wide range ofelectromagnetics to mineral and groundwater exploration. He applications. Alexander has been directly involved in thehas an MSc in geophysics from the University of Sydney and a management and supervising many geophysical surveys forPhD in geophysics from Macquarie University.mineral exploration. He is an author and co-author of many publications dedicated to airborne EM. In 2019 he was awardedDr Cyrille Reiser cyrille.reiser@pgs.com Cyrille Reiser joined the Barlow Medal for Best Geological Paper published in CIMPGS in 2008 as head of their Reservoir Characterisation/publications (Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, andQuantitative Interpretation group, following 10 years in a similar Petroleum). role at CGG. He has technical expertise in reservoir geoscience covering fields such as seismic data conditioning, rock physics Dr Mojtaba Rajabi m.rajabi@uq.edu.au Dr Mojtaba Rajabi is ananalysis, feasibilities studies, pore pressure prediction, AVO/AVA ARC DECRA Fellow at the School of Earth and Environmentalanalysis, seismic inversion and time-lapse analysis. Cyrille holds Sciences, the University of Queensland. He has over 12 years ofa PhD from Lyons Ecole Normale, France.extensive experience in crustal stress analysis, geomechanics,A/Prof William Rickard w.rickard@curtin.edu.au A/Prof Rickard and geomechanical-numerical modelling. Since 2012, Dr Rajabiis the Deputy Director of the John de Laeter Centre at Curtin has worked on the geomechanical analyses of 30 sedimentaryUniversity. He is the facility leader for ToF-SIMS, FIB-SEM and XPS basins from across the world, and currently is the Deputy-Headand has a decade of experience using cutting edge analytical of the World Stress Map project. instrumentation for geoscience research. His research interests Mrs Aruni Rajanayake arunirajanayake@gmail.com Aruniinclude the nanoscale characterisation of geological materials Rajanayake is a 2nd year PhD candidate (geophysics) studyingusing advanced analytical techniques.at Curtin University, Perth and working part-time as aDr Mark Rieuwers mrieuwers@srk.com.augeophysicist for Northern Star Resources Pvt Ltd. My PhD research is in collaboration with MinEx CRC and focuses onMr Michael Rodda hello@caldera.technology Michael is the Innovative Geophysics for Drilling Trajectory Control. founder of Caldera Analytics, a consultancy specialising in Dr Rajwinder Kaur raj.gill25@yahoo.com Dr Rajwinder Kaur hasapplying modern machine learning and data science methods completed a MSc in soil science in 2012, from Punjabto mineral exploration. Since winning the Unearthed Explorer Agricultural University, Ludhiana, Punjab. He joined thechallenge in 2019, he has worked with companies to improve Department of Soil and Water Conservation, Government ofthe efficiency of their exploration processes by developing Punjab in 2012 as Soil Conservation Officer, and at present ismachine learning models trained on the large scale open-file working as Sub Divisional Soil Conservation Officer. He hasdatasets of Australia. These models have been used to assist presented a poster at the international conference onwith various aspects of exploration, from target generation to Sustainable Agriculture for Food and Livelihood Security andgeological interpretation.published an abstract in 77th Annual Convention of IndianDr Nadege Rollet nadege.rollet@ga.gov.au Dr Nadege Rollet is Society of Soil Science. He has also published four researcha senior geoscientist at Geoscience Australia. Nadege graduated papers in reputed journals. He is currently working onfrom the University of ParisPierre et Marie Curie, France where implementation of various techniques for soil and watershe obtained a MSc and a PhD (1999) in geology and conservation to enhance sustainability of agriculture. geophysics. Her studies focused on structural framework and 167 PREVIEW FEBRUARY 2023'