b'Editors desk Editors deskAustralian Basin Symposium. Anusual commentators. David Denham exciting list of presentations is on offer(Canberra observed) considers Australias and all ASEG Members are encouragedfuture, as described in the latest to attend. CSIRO National Outlook. Mike Hatch In previous years the conference issue(Environmental geophysics) shares his pick of Preview also included short abstractsof presentations being made at AEGC of all the conference presentations.2019. Terry Harvey (Minerals geophysics) This is not the case this year. At themuses about geophysical horses for end of July 2019 the view of themineral exploration courses. Mick Conference Organising CommitteeMicenko (Seismic window) delves into (COC) was that abstracts will only bemachine learning before nominating his made available to conference attendeesAEGC 2019 top five. Tim Keeping (Data via a conference app. You will only betrends) also reviews what the AEGC has able to access the app if you registerto offer, and Ian James (Webwaves) warns for the conference. The ASEG is still inreaders about predatory publishing negotiation with the AEGC 2019 COCpractices.This conference issue of Previewabout whether it might be possible, atMost of the ASEG publications team will features a guide to the secondsome stage, to publish the extendedbe at AEGC 2019, and the Publications Australasian Exploration Geoscienceabstracts as part of the ASEGs onlineCommittee and the Preview editorial Conference (AEGC 2019), which isextended abstract series (https://www. team will be meeting to review progress being held at Crown Perth in Perth,tandfonline.com/toc/texg19/current).and possibilities. If you are interested September 25. The AEGC 2019 isIf you have a strong opinion aboutand would like to attend either of co-hosted by the Australian Society ofthis matter please nobble one of thethese meetings please contact me Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG), theASEG Federal Executive or email me at(previeweditor@aseg.org.au), Ted Tyne or Australian Institute of Geoscientistsprevieweditor@aseg.org.au. Danny Burns (publications@aseg.org.au).(AIG) and the Petroleum ExplorationAs well as a guide to AEGC 2019, this Society of Australia (PESA), andissue of Preview features the latestLisa Worrallincorporates the 27th ASEG Conferencenews from all the geological surveys inPreview Editorand Exhibition and the PESA WestAustralia and contributions from ourprevieweditor@aseg.org.auLetter to the EditorDear Lisa 1886 Westinghouse founded theabout this conflict, and including all Westinghouse Electric Company, wellthese protagonists, is to be released in At least one reader of my Hendersonknown today for the manufacture ofOctober this year. It is titled Current Byte on Nikola Tesla in Preview 200,household appliances. WestinghouseWars and Edison is played by Benedict Don Watts from Milan, noticed ansupported Tesla and was in conflictCumberbatch.error. Where I referenced Georgewith Thomas Edison in what has Washington in the third paragraph,become known as the war of theRegardsI should have referenced Georgecurrents, broadly AC (favoured by Westinghouse, the AmericanWestinghouse) versus DC (favoured byRoger Henderson inventor and entrepreneur. InEdison). It is interesting that a movierogah@tpg.com.auOur ASEGcelebrating fifty yearsOn the front cover of this issue of Preview you will see, for the first time, an ASEG logo that celebrates the ASEGs 50th anniversary. This new logo will feature at AEGC 2019. The next 18 months will see a number of 50th anniversary celebration initiatives and eventsbut more on that over the coming months.Ted Tyne ASEG President president@aseg.org.au1 PREVIEW AUGUST 2019'