b'Geophysics in the SurveysNewsFigure 4.Black triangles show planned locations of marine magnetotelluric sites.the tectonic setting of the prospectivesurvey/gssa_projects/auslamp) or by eastern margin of the craton. contacting Stephan Thiel (Stephan.You can always find details on theThiel@sa.gov.au) or Kate Robertson latest magnetotelluric surveys and the(Kate.Robertson2@sa.gov.au).products available for download onKate Robertson the AusLAMP page of the DepartmentKate.Robertson2@sa.gov.aufor Energy and Mining website (http://www.energymining.sa.gov. Stephan Thielau/minerals/geoscience/geological_ Stephan.Thiel@sa.gov.au27 PREVIEW AUGUST 2019'