b'Geophysics in the SurveysNewsthe Musgrave Province, two in the Aileron Province and two more in the McArthur Basin (Figure1). Geophysical data and associated reports acquired through the GDC programme will be open filed six months after field acquisition.The Northern Territory Geological Survey (NTGS) owns and operates a HyLogger-3 instrument. This instrument captures high-resolution imagery and measures reflectance spectra of drillcore. These data can be processed to identify minerals from the reflectance spectra. Processed datasets from the HyLogging programme are publically available through the National Virtual Core Library (NVCL). Since NTGS HyLogging programme commenced in 2010, over 145 km of drillcore from more than 500 drillholes has been collected (Figure 3).Figure 2.Image of the preliminary NTGS Tanami Region Airborne Magnetic, Radiometry and ElevationIn addition to processed HyLogger Survey total magnetic intensity. datasets, NTGS also delivers HyLogger Data Packages (HDP). Each HDP provides a written summary of the major findings from an individual HyLogged drillhole. This summary is accompanied by a processed dataset integrating complementary data such as published stratigraphy or rock property measurements. Seventy-five HDPs have been published to date (Figure 3).A new edition of Digital Information Package (DIP) 013Rock property dataset of the Northern Territory was released in December 2018. This DIP contains a compilation of rock property measurements published by academia and submitted by the exploration industry through statutory reporting. Also included are new data acquired by NTGS from drill core housed in NT Government drill core repositories. The DIP contains approximately 8300 bulk density and 40,000 magnetic susceptibility measurements from over 1000 locations across the Northern Territory. Stratigraphic or lithological data is also published where available. This DIP is updated annually.Geophysical and hyperspectral datasets can be located through the STRIKE web mapping system (www.strike.nt.gov.au). All data and products are discoverable on GEMIS: Geoscience Exploration and Mining Information Centre (www.geoscience.nt.gov.au/gemis); datasets smaller than 1 GB are available for download while larger datasets can be requested for delivery through GEMIS.Tania Dhu Northern Territory Geological Survey Figure 3.Location of HyLogged drill holes in the Northern Territory. tania.dhu@nt.gov.au29 PREVIEW AUGUST 2019'