b'Presidents pieceASEG newsPresidents pieceExecutive, and with the Australianthe Surveys, together with the strong Institute of Geoscientists (AIG), theirfocus on the importance of new data to President Andrew Waltho, and thestimulate exploration, will be one of the AIG Executive. AEGC 2019 Co-Chairs,elements of the great programme that Tim Dean and John Gorter, and thethe Conference Organising Committee Conference Organising Committee havehave put together for AEGC 2019.worked tirelessly to bring together a great technical and social programme,Ive mentioned partnerships several and a really impressive explorationtimes. The ASEGs longest standing geoscience exhibition. I hope you findpartner is the Society of Exploration the technical programme and theGeophysicists (SEG). The SEG supported exhibition energising, and our social andthe foundation of the ASEG, and has networking events absolutely enjoyable. been a close affiliate for five decades. The ASEGs connectedness with the SEG is Thank you to our Preview Editor, Lisademonstrated by our Members holding Worrall, and our Associate Editors andAssociate Editor and Council positions on contributors, for a great conference issuethe SEG, and also by the number of ASEG of Preview. This issue features the AEGCMembers that are also SEG MembersI would like to take a moment to2019 Conference Programme, which hasmore than 350 at last count.acknowledge our collective sadness ata focus on petroleum, mineral and near-the news of the death of Professor Keevasurface exploration geology, geophysicsI am very pleased that the SEG President, Vozoff, a giant of international standingand geochemistry across a rich mix ofRobert Stewart, will be joining us in exploration geophysics research andexploration sub-themes.at AEGC 2019, together with senior teaching. Keeva died in Sydney on 18SEG representatives. There has been July. Professor Vozoff was ASEG PresidentThe AEGC 2019 overarching theme ofa positive view in the ASEGs recent in 1976, only four years after arriving inData to Discovery spotlights todaysexchanges with the SEG leadership team Australia to take up his appointment asbig data exploration thinking andabout re-energising our partnership; Professor of Geophysics at Macquariemethodology, the latest integratedcollaborating more closely at future University - a position he held with thegeoscientific and technological advances,SEG and AEGC conferences on best of highest distinction until 1991. Many ofand the ever-increasing demand forgeophysics sessions, and collaborating us have worked closely with Keeva, andresources in the world community thaton webinar style workshops, training our professional and personal lives havecan only be sustained through theand mentoring programmes. We will be been greatly enriched by his intellect anddiscovery of new mineral, energy andfinalising and signing a new ASEG-SEG wisdom, his open sharing of knowledge,water resources. With a focus on data-collaboration MoU in Perth, which will his friendship and impish sense of fun.this issue of Preview also includes theset the framework for a number of new Our deepest sympathies and condolencesvery latest information on new datapartnership programmes. The ASEG go to the Professor Vozoffs family. and mapping coverage releases fromwill be participating in the upcoming On a lighter note, I would like toAustralias geological surveys and mineralSEG Conference in San Antonio (15 - 20 welcome you to the 2nd Australasianand energy resource agencies in theSeptember 2019), with a presence in the Exploration Geoscience Conferencesection Geophysics in the Surveys. SEG Exhibition.(AEGC 2019). This conference,I had the pleasure of attending ScienceI am also very pleased that the President which is being held in Perth, is thein the Surveys 2019 in Marcha trulyof the South African Geophysical largest petroleum and mineraloutstanding technical meeting hostedAssociation (SAGA), Reece van Buren, and geoscience conference in Australasia,by Australia Minerals, a collaborativea number of Members of SAGA will be and incorporates the ASEG-PESApartnership of Geoscience Australia,joining us at AEGC 2019. SAGA Members International Geophysical ConferenceState/NT Geological Surveys, CSIRO,have joined us at many previous ASEG and Exhibition and the West Australianuniversities, MInEx CRC and Auscope.events and Ive had the pleasure, with Basin Symposium (WABS). The one-day programme presentedother ASEG colleagues, of attending SAGA This year marks the 40th year of ASEGa wealth of new and updated high- events in southern Africa. The ASEG and exploration geophysics conferencesresolution high-spatial-sampling nationalSAGA have a long-standing collaborative and exhibitions, workshops and forums.datasets, and new precompetitivearrangement in place, and in our recent Over the years many of our technicalgeoscience information about ourexchanges we have agreed to formally conference programs have been co- mineral domains and energy resourceupdate this arrangement at AEGC 2019. hosted by exploration geoscienceonshore regions. Given my ownSAGA has invited the ASEG to participate partner societies. Western Australia hasbackground in government geophysicsin the upcoming 16th SAGA Biennial always really welcomed our conferencesand geoscience, it is fantastic to see ourConference & Exhibition in Durban (8-9 and exhibitions, and this year marks thenational and state/NT geological surveysOctober 2019). The ASEG will have a sixth time we have been to Perth. and research institutes working in suchpresence at the SAGA Exhibition and will close partnership, and with a laser-likebe actively involved in the Conference.It is a pleasure to be collaborating, oncefocus on delivering data and tools for again, with the Petroleum Explorationexploration in the 21st century. The strongTed Tyne Society of Australia (PESA), theirpartnership and collaboration acrossASEG President President, Nathan Parker, and the PESAborders that was evident at Science inpresident@aseg.org.auAUGUST 2019 PREVIEW 2'