b'Conference programmeAEGC 2019Regional GeophysicalSurveys Collaborating onpre- competitivegeophysical projects inthe Northern Territory,Australia Tania Dhu Northern TerritoryGeological Survey Paper# 274 Regional AirborneGravity Surveys inWestern Australia:Considerations for theEnd User Martin Bates Sander Geophysics Paper# 94 Geological insights ofNorthern AustraliasAusAEM airborne EMsurvey Yusen Ley-cooper Geoscience Australia Paper# 312 Supporting data- driven exploration inNSW Keith Gates Geological Survey of NewSouth Wales Paper# 391 Exhibition Hall, Grand Ballroom Meeting Rooms 1 - 4 CONFERENCE PROGRAMME CONFERENCE PROGRAMMEArtificial Intelligence inMinerals Exploration Using machinelearning to interpret3D airborneelectromagneticinversions. Mike Mcmillan ComputationalGeosciences Inc Paper# 96 Artificial IntelligenceTechniques to theInterpretationof GeophysicalMeasurements Desmond Fitzgerald Intrepid Geophysics Paper# 121 An AI approach toautomated magneticformation mappingbeneath cover David Pratt Tensor Research Paper# 122 Efficient boreholetargeting for ground-control of airborneelectromagnetic (AEM)survey results Yusen Ley-Cooper Geoscience Australia Paper# 226Mineral Case Studies:Groundwater & NearGeochemistry I Surface II Applications Keynote: Steve GarwinKeynote: Michael Hatch The geologicalcharacteristics,geochemical signatureand geophysicalexpression of porphyrycopper-(gold) depositsin the circum-Pacificregion. Keynote: Steve Garwin Keynote: Michael Hatch The role ofA practical approachgeochemistry inused to quantify andunderstanding mineralqualify effective clean-up strategy systems Carl Brauhart Benjamin Birt CSA Global QTEQ Paper# 18 Paper# 261 GroundwaterApplication of multi-element geochemistryapplications of towedTEM in diverse geologyin the weatheredat farm scale. environment: Controls,David Allen considerations andimplications forGroundwater Imaging exploration Paper# 148 Fiona Best South32 Paper# 374 The Organising Committee reserves the right to alter the programme as circumstances dictateStratigraphy &Sedimentology-Western Margin I Keynote: Simon Lang Keynote: Simon Lang Regional StratalSlice Imaging of theNorthern CarnarvonBasin, WesternAustralia Tony Marsh Chevron Paper# 194 Jurassic IgneousActivity in the ExmouthSub- basin: Insightsfrom new 3D Seismic Gerry OHalloran BHP Petroleum Paper# 47 AEGC 2019 PROGRAMME SUBJECT TO CHANGEExperimental anddigital RP II Experimental acid andscCO2 reactions ofRoseneath, Epsilon andMurteree gas shales:Opening or closing ofgas accessible poresand metal release towater Julie Pearce University of Queensland Paper# 306 Investigating rockmicro-structure ofsandstones by patternrecognition on their X-ray images Ankita Singh UNSW Sydney Paper# 308 Rock Physicsfor Multiscale,MultiphysicsData Assimilationfrom molecular tolaboratory scale Klaus Regenauer-Lieb UNSW Paper# 346 X-ray ComputerizedTomography forfracture and faciescharacterization andslab orientation incores stored withinaluminium tubes Lionel Esteban CSIRO Paper# 387CO2 Southwest HubCase Study The South West Hub:Carbon Storage in theLesueur Formationin the South West ofWestern Australia Deidre Brooks Department of Mines,Industry Regulation andSafety Paper# 397 Time Lapse In-HoleElectrical ResistivitySurveying during aShallow Release of CO2Gas: Harvey WesternAustralia Brett Harris Curtin University Paper# 316 Reservoir flowmodelling to constrainCO2 plume- faultinteraction. South WestHub Carbon Captureand Storage Project,WA. Laurent Langhi CSIRO Paper# 70 Subsurfacecharacterisation forfuture CCS applicationsusing uncommon 3Dsurface and boreholeseismic surveygeometries at Harvey,Western Australia Milovan Urosevic Curtin University Paper# 331WABS Geophysics andtectonics Reviving an old Buffalobreathing new lifeinto an old dataset withmodern technology R. McGee Tectonic, geodynamicand surface processdriving forces ofAustralias topographysince the Jurassic L. Harrington Strike-slip Earthquakefocal mechanismson the North WestShelfimplications forreactivation V. Holloway Tectonostratigraphyand structure of thesouthern Perth Basin Charmaine Thomas Lunch Poster SessionsRoom 1040-1105 1105-1130 1130-1155 1155-1220 1220-1320 1320-1340AUGUST 2019 PREVIEW 56'