b'Branch newsASEG newsGeoscience, with the presentation likely to be especially valuable to students. It is scheduled for noon on Friday 16 August, in the CODES Conference Room on the Sandy Bay campus.Thanks to the Australian Geoscience Council and the organisers of National Science Week and Science in the Pub for their initiative and support for Maritas visit.An invitation to attend Tasmanian Branch meetings is extended to all ASEG Members and interested parties. Meetings are usually held in the CODES Conference Room, University of Tasmania, Hobart. Meeting notices, details about venues and relevant contact details can be found on the Tasmanian Branch page on the ASEG website. As always, we encourage Members to also keep an eye on the seminar programme at the University of Tasmania / CODES, which routinely includes presentations of a geophysicalThe wine tasting about to get under way at the May Victorian Branch meetingand computational nature as well as on a broad range of earth sciences topics. Des Fitzgerald, also the recipient of aannual Winter Jousting social affair will Mark DuffettGrahame Sands Award (2016), was seenbe announced in due course so dust taspresident@aseg.org.au wielding a lance while high on his horseoff your armour and get back in the amongst the crowd that evening. saddle for training. This event is not to Now, back to the fairy tale. The imperialbe missed!Victoria evening started with a presentationFinally, there is much to hear, see and If you attended the last of our autumnalgiven by the recently minted ASEGdo at our Technical nights, so if youre series of technical meetings and thePresident himself, King Ted Tyne II,galloping around the city, hitch your night felt unexpectedly regal, then youwhose topic of the night created an air ofhorse, come into our Great Hall and werent the only one to get that feeling.nostalgia as he reflected on five decadesattend one of our events. Its a great way On this particular night in May you wereof accomplishments, cooperation andto make some new friends or reconnect in the presence of ASEG royalty. It was athe diversity and passion from Members,with some old acquaintances. Who whos who of the ASEG monarchy as wepast and current, in promoting our greatknows, you may even run into the Queen revelled in the presence of two formerSociety. With him, was the beautiful(wait, whos that I wonder?)!ASEG presidents, King Mike Asten IIIconsort, Princess Lisa Worrall, whose (2009) and King Phil Harman IV (2010),five years as Preview Editor underMeetings are generally held on the third both of whom have been awardedvarious monarchies brought a senseThursday of each month from 17:30 in honorary ASEG memberships since 2013.of tranquillity to the proceedings. Asthe Kelvin Club, 1830 Melbourne Place, We also basked in the presence of onethe ASEG embarked on its 50th yearMelbourne. Meeting notices, addresses former federal executive treasurer inof sovereignty, King Ted II shared hisand relevant contact details can be Prince Theo Aravanis (20142015), whomemories and tales, including numerousfound on the Victorian Branch page of is now your Victorian Branch Committeeold black and white photos of a bygonethe ASEG website.support member. era. Thanks for taking us down memoryHope you all enjoy the 2nd AEGC King Mike III is a stalwart of the ASEGlane, Your Majesty, we shall remain yourconference! Try the veal.in having the rare distinction of beinghumble servants.knighted with both a Laric HawkinsAs alluded to in our previous BranchThong Huynh Award (twiceonce in 1998 and oncenews, the postponed old muscat andvicsecretary@aseg.org.auin 2004) and a Grahame Sands Awardwine tasting finally happened, and (2001). King Phil IV has also beenincidentally coincided with the royalWestern Australiadecorated with the responsibility ofepisode. Befittingly, Lidia, from Politini chairing our Research Foundation sinceWines of the King Valley region inThe WA Branch held a Tech night on 2001. If you havent already consideredVictoria, brought a fine selection of herJune 12 that featured a comprehensive doing so, now is a great time to bestowfamilys aristocratic tipple to the event.presentation by Tim Dean from Curtin King Phil IV with your treasure chestThe Politini prised old muscat, will be onUniversity on Recent advances in of gold coins. It will all be spent on aoffer through the ASEG shortly, so saveland seismic acquisition technology. worthy cause. Not to be unseated, theyour pennies (His Majesty wont object!)Tims overview of instrumentation and insatiable dark knight himself, Princefor a noble drink. Lastly, the date for theprocessing techniques was supplemented 5 PREVIEW AUGUST 2019'