b'Conference programmeAEGC 2019Regional tectonicstudies Exploring for theFuture: new UPbgeochronology forthe South Nicholsonregion and implicationsfor stratigraphiccorrelations Jade Anderson Geoscience Australia Paper# 127 Tectonic Analysis ofregional potential fielddata Peter Betts Monash University Paper# 145 U-Pb ages of theHimalayan forelandbasin Northeast India:Implications for theIndia-Asia collision (V2) Upendra Baral Institute of TibetanPlateau Research, ChineseAcademy of Sciences Paper# 254 Modelling thePalaeozoic tectonicevolution of theLachlan Orogen Thomas Schaap University of Tasmania Paper# 262 Exhibition Hall, Grand Ballroom Happy Hour 17301830 CONFERENCE PROGRAMME CONFERENCE PROGRAMMEInduced Polarisation IpeX: A lower- cost superiorreconnaissance RES/IP/ MT survey Steve Boucher FQM Exploration (Chile)S.A. Paper# 103 Induced PolarizationChargeabilityCalibration Standards Peter Rowston Geophysical Resourcesand Services Paper# 283 Sensitivity-based datareduction of large 3DDC/IP surveys Ken Witherly Condor Consulting Paper# 379 Is it pyrite, or a shed?:intricacies of InducedPolarisation surveyingnear grounded metallicinfrastructure Regis Neroni Fortescue Metals Group Paper# 388MagnetotelluricsIII Mineral Case Studies:Case Studies GeologyII - Gold Scale reduction usingThe Mineral Factory:How to Build a GiantMagnetotelluricsaQuartz Reef mineral explorationexample from theLisa Tannock Olympic Domain, SouthUniversity of New SouthAustralia Wales Stephan Thiel Paper# 115 Geological Survey ofSouth Australia Paper# 39 Yamarna Geology:Defining the EyreFoundations for FurtherConductivity Anomalywith the Tumby Bay MTDiscoveries Janet Tunjic transect Kate Robertson Gold Road Resources Geological Survey ofPaper# 372 South Australia Paper# 111 Resistivity structureThe genesis of Carlowof the Link EastCastle: A uniqueMT transect in theAustralian orogenic Cu-Co-Au deposit in theSouthern CurnamonaArchean Pilbara Craton Province Ben Kay David Fox CSIRO & Curtin University University of Adelaide Paper# 116 Paper# 162 GeologicalMT conductivityinvestigations withsignatures of mineralhigh spatial resolutionsystems: 3D MT overWV-3 satellitethe Eastern GoldfieldsSuper Terrane, Yilgarnimagery and regionalCraton geophysics at the HaibKate Selway Cu porphyry, Namibia Robert Hewson Macquarie University University of TwenteITC Paper# 297 Paper# 224 The Organising Committee reserves the right to alter the programme as circumstances dictatePetroleum explorationand dev case studies II Eromanga Oil Traps A Multi Field PostMortem Keith Martens Martens PetroleumConsulting Paper# 58 Managing uncertaintyto deliver complexdevelopment wells Peter Van Ruth Woodside Energy Paper# 242 Pyxis: a study in cost-efficient near-fieldexploration, discoveryand appraisal Megan Slade Woodside Energy Paper# 247 Carbonate reservoirdevelopment in theCanning Basin, WesternAustralia Moyra Wilson Universityof Western Australia Paper# 268 AEGC 2019 PROGRAMME SUBJECT TO CHANGESeismic processing(O+G) 2 Understanding thecauses of low frequencyshadow below gashydrates Ayman Noor Qadrouh King Abdulaziz City forScience and Technology(KACST) Paper# 44 Imaging challenges atGulf of Papua (PNG)and their solutionsthrough high-endimaging technology Zongying Gong CGG Singapore Paper# 207 4D Seismic Bandwidthand Resolution Analysisfor Reservoir Fluid-flowModel Applications Rafael Souza UWA Paper# 288 Fracture identificationby reflected guidedborehole radar waves Binzhong Zhou CSIRO Energy Paper# 56Tectonostratigraphy II Structural andlithological controlson the geometry andmorphology of igneousintrusions: a 3D seismiccase study from theExmouth sub-basin,NW Shelf Simon Holford University of Adelaide Paper# 72 New Insights into theExmouth Sub-basin:Tectono-StratigraphicEvolution Robbie Benson BHP Paper# 125 The structuralarchitecture of thecentral North WestShelfinsightsfrom regional scalemapping of the Triassicsuccession Claire Orlov Geoscience Australia Paper# 152 Rift initiation onAustralias southernmargin: insights fromthe Bremer Sub-basin Jane Cunneen Curtin University Paper# 323WABS Bedout Tectonics of theBedout Sub-Basin anddeposition of the LowerKeraudren Formation;influence of tectonicsin a rapidly depositedsuccession Jon Minken Unravelling the LowerKeraudren PetroleumSystem in the BedoutSub-basin: Some EarlyObservations Melissa Thompson IntegratedSedimentological,ichnological andpalynological analysisetc etc of the BedoutSub-basin John Lignum QuantitativeInterpretation in theBedout Sub-Basin -The value of seismicinversion when seismicdata quality is poor Margarita KongawoinRoom 1550 - 1615 1615-1640 1640-1705 1705-1725AUGUST 2019 PREVIEW 54'