b'Geophysics in the SurveysNewsFigure 4.Screenshot of MinView showing the geophysics download view layers. The map window is in 3D mode and shows a statewide gravity image overlain by government mag rad survey downloads (shown with a blue hatching pattern).Using this view, users can spatiallyreport locations in MinView are linkedversion 1 [Digital Dataset]. Geological or textually select NSW Governmentto documents in DIGS. A total of 3399Survey of New South Wales, NSW mag-rad survey areas and downloadreports are available for download,Department of Planning and a zipped file containing grids, imagesincluding borehole logs. Environment, Maitland.and reports for each survey. A similarOliveira, F., and J. Davidson. 2018. layer for onshore seismic surveysNew features and data can be viewed at:3D Geological Model of the contains download links for SEGY/ASCIIhttps://www.resourcesandgeoscience. SydneyGunnedah Basin, NSW data and reports. nsw.gov.au/miners-and-explorers/ Australia. Geological Survey Report a new release of the statewidegeoscience-information/services/online- GS2018/0160.seamless geology geodatabaseservices/minview Robinson, J. 2017. Statewide post-(version 2 April 2019) has beenContact: trisha.moriarty@planning.nsw. Carboniferous cover thickness model included with updated geology in thegov.au (02) 4931 6598. of New South Wales. Geological southern Thomson Orogen and newSurvey Report GS2017/0126.fault attribution in the eastern LachlanSpampinato, G.P.T. 2018. 3D fault Orogen. Statewide bedrock exposureReferences architecture of the Eastern Lachlan and soils data layers have also beenOrogen, New South Wales. Geological added under Cover Characteristics. Colquhoun, G.P., K.S. Hughes, L.Survey Report GS2018/0576.NSW Government Public Works AdvisoryDeyssing, J.C. Ballard, G. Phillips,Spampinato, G.P.T. 2019. Statewide geotechnical reports are now availableA.L. Troedson, C.B. Folkes, and J.A.depth to basement 3D model under the Government GeotechnicalFitzherbert. 2018. New South Walesupdate. Geological Survey Report Report Database (GGRD) initiative. TheSeamless Geology geodatabase,GS2019/0563.19 PREVIEW AUGUST 2019'