b'Conference programmeAEGC 2019CONFERENCE PROGRAMME CONFERENCE PROGRAMME Deep Crustal StudiesII The lithosphericstructure and deepprocesses of theMesozoic mineralsystems in east China:constrained fromintegrated geophysicaldata Qingtian Lu Sinoprobe Center, ChineseAcademy of GeologicalScience Paper# 395 A statewide 3Dgeological model forNew South Wales Ned Stolz Geological Survey of NewSouth Wales Paper# 371 Basin-scale fluid- flow models of theMcArthur River mineralsystem: Constraintsfrom geochemistry,geophysics andsequence stratigraphy Peter Schaubs CSIRO Mineral Resources Paper# 344 Sub-basin architectureof the ProterozoicMcArthur Group,southern McArthurBasin Teagan Blaikie CSIRO Paper# 217 Exhibition Hall, Grand Ballroom Afternoon Tea 1520 - 1550Mineral Case Studies:Geophysics - Cross-Disciplinary Geophysical expressionof the Meyers Crater, anew meteorite impactcrater discovered in theCoolgardie Goldfield ofWestern Australia Jayson Meyers Resource Potentials Paper# 186 Structural controls ofthe Ernest Henry IOCGdeposit: Insights fromintegrated structural,geophysical andmineralogical analyses. Jim Austin CSIRO Paper# 303 Update on thegeophysicalexpression of theAbra sedimentaryreplacement Pb-Ag-Cu-Au deposit, WesternAustralia David Stannard Resource Potentials Paper# 351 3D Interpretation ofGeological, 3D Seismic,and ConventionalGeophysical Data fromthe Darlot Gold Mine James Reid Mira Geoscience Paper# 356Magnetotellurics IIMineral Case Studies:GeologyIGold Modelling Reliable 1DKeynote: David Groves magnetotelluricOrogenic gold deposits:probabilistic inversionpart of a global dynamicconsidering modellingconjunction betweenassumption violations subduction and gold Hoel Seille Orebusters CSIRO Paper# 250 Inversion ofKeynote: David Groves MagnetotelluricData with EnhancedStructural Fidelity Federico GolfrAndreasi Schlumberger Paper# 263 The PilbaraUsing finite dipoleMesoarcheanlengths in completeconglomerate goldearth 3D MT modeling versus QuaternaryWolfgang Soyer colluvial gold: are theyCGG genetically linked? Paper# 269 Sam Spinks CSIRO Mineral Resources Paper# 359 MagnetotelluricCharacterisation of theinversion strategies Neoarchean FortescueRalf Schaa Group Stratigraphy Integrated downholeCurtin University geochemical andPaper# 309 mineralogicalcorrelation from newdiamond drilling Jessica StrombergCSIRO Paper# 350 The Organising Committee reserves the right to alter the programme as circumstances dictateNew plays and areas The PaleozoicProspectivity of theoffshore Canning Area,Australia Said Amiribesheli Discover Geoscience Paper# 92 Exploring for thefuture: KidsonSub-basin seismicinterpretation Chris Southby Geoscience Australia Paper# 129 What lies beneath?Prospecting forHydrocarbons undera metamorphicallochthon, Timor- Leste Mike Bucknill Geovision ExplorationServices Paper# 365 AEGC 2019 PROGRAMME SUBJECT TO CHANGESeismic processing(O+G) 1 New insights into theExmouth Sub-basin:Seismic acquisition,processing andimaging Alex Karvelas Westerngeco Paper# 46 Application of high- end seismic imagingtechnologies for fielddevelopment in NWSAustralia Min Lee Chua CGG Paper# 264 Processing the first fullazimuth OBN surveyin Australia: a stepchange in imagingquality UnnikrishnanChambath CGG Paper# 302 All that wobbles isntnecessarily azimuthalanisotropy Helen DebenhamDebenhams GeophysicalConsultancy Paper# 377Tectonostratigraphy Keynote: Ken McClay Keynote: Ken McClay The Bight Basin,Evolution &Prospectivity I: gravity,deep seismic & basinmorphology Jane Cunneen Curtin University Paper# 260 The Bight Basin,Evolution &Prospectivity II;seismic, structure andbalanced sections. Kevin Hill University of Melbourne Paper# 234WABS NCB/Exmouth 2 Sequence stratigraphyof the Wheatstoneand Iago fields;implicationsfor reservoircharacterisation R.B. Ainsworth Sequence stratigraphyof the Wheatstoneand Iago fields;implicationsfor reservoircharacterisation R.B. Ainsworth 3D Seismic Analysisof ancient subsurfacefluid flow in theExmouth Plateau Tayallen Velayatham Imaging pastdepositionalenvironments of theNWS: lesson from 3Dseismic data Victorien PaumardRoom 13401405 1405-1430 1430-1455 1455-152053 PREVIEW AUGUST 2019'