b'Geophysics in the SurveysNews(AusLAMP) for crustal and lithosphere scale interpretation. Current passive seismic surveys are taking place along the Canning Coastal seismic line; the western end of the Kidson seismic line; and, together with MT surveys, in the Goldfields region. In 201920 a new ARC Linkage project will see the deployment of 25 broadband seismometers for improved passive seismic coverage in the southwest ofWA.Acquisition and processing have been completed on GSWAs Eastern Goldfields seismic high-resolution 2D seismic survey (Preview 200, June2019). All raw and processed data will be released as soon as an initial interpretation has been prepared, estimated to be in September 2019.Figure 2.Pilbara 2019 airborne gravity survey. Preliminary terrain-corrected Bouguer gravity image fromThese and other datasets are publicly decorrugated field data (survey was flown without tie lines) merged with WA gravity anomaly grid 2019available online through GSWAs or version 1. Line directions: eastwest in northwest block; northsouth in southeast block. GAs various data delivery systems and the Australian Geoscience Information Network (AusGIN):GeoView.WAwww.dmp.wa.gov.au/geoviewWAPIMSwww.dmp.wa.gov.au/wapimsGADDSwww.ga.gov.au/gaddsGA eCat Product catalogueecat.ga.gov.au/geonetworkAusGINwww.geoscience.gov.auAnalyses and geological interpretations of these data by GSWA and its partners are available from the various project pages on the GSWA website at www.dmp.wa.gov.au/gswa.For more information please email geophysics@dmirs.wa.gov.au.David Howard Geological Survey of Western Australia Figure 3.Kidson deep crustal seismic transect over image of Bouguer anomaly gravity. David.HOWARD@dmirs.wa.gov.au15 PREVIEW AUGUST 2019'