b'Geophysics in the SurveysNewsFigure 2.Map showing the location of deep crustal seismic reflection and gravity surveys and planned magnetotelluric sites across the Southeast Lachlan Crustal Transect.Deep crustal seismic reflection dataStavely Projectwestern Victoria Geological Survey of Victorias Philip were acquired by Terrex Seismic in 2018.Skladzien will present a case study at AEGC The seismic data are available fromAn extensive geoscience program in2019 that describes the workflow, from Geoscience Australia as L208 Southeastwestern Victoria - the Stavely Project - wasacquisition to application, of the large Lachlan Seismic Survey 2018. completed in 2018. The program foundpetrophysical dataset compiled during that the Stavely Arc has the geologicalthe Stavely Project. These data were used Ground gravity data were acquiredpotential for new copper, gold and possiblyto constrain modelling and interpretation by Atlas Geophysics in 2019 and areother metals discoveries. Encouragingthat informed the development of the available from Geoscience Australia atresults in the project area have beenStavely 3D geological model shown in www.geoscience.gov.au/gadds and atrecently reported at Thursdays GossanFigure 3 (Cayley et al., 2018).www.earthresources.vic.gov.au. (up to 5.05% Cu and 6.06 g/t Au, Stavely Minerals ASX Announcements, 18 JuneThe results of the Stavely Project have Planning is underway for a magnetotelluric2019) and the Glenlyle Prospect (up to 390helped delineate the prospective survey along the transect. g/t Ag and 4.0 g/t Au, Navarre Minerals ASXvolcanic belts of the Stavely Arc and Announcements, 21 Mar 2019). have established the nature of their Preliminary project results will berelationships with the old and younger presented at Discoveries in theThe new pre-competitive data andcover rocks, which will assist explorers Tasmanides, 2528 September 2019,findings have been published as agenerate new targets and reduce risk.in Wagga Wagga, NSW. Ross Cayleyseries of geoscience data packages, (Geological Survey of Victoria) willtechnical reports and a regional (fullSuzanne Haydon describe planning, acquisition and somecrustal-scale) 3D geological model.Geological Survey of Victoria preliminary results from the deep crustalThese products are available throughSuzanne.Haydon@ecodev.vic.gov.auseismic reflection profile across thewww.earthresources.vic.gov.au/Australian Alps, on behalf of the projectprojects/stavely/geological-data-and- Referencespartners. information.Aldred, R., G. Carman, and M. Bagheri. In prep. Petrophysical analysis of 18 wells. Detailed Technical Studies, Underground Gas Storage Project, Onshore Otway Basin, Victoria. Victorian Gas Program Technical Report. Geological Survey of Victoria. Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions. Melbourne, Victoria.Cayley, R. A., M. A. McLean, P. B. Skladzien, and C. P. Cairns. 2018. Stavely Project - Regional 3D Geological Model. Stavely Project Report 3. Geological Survey Figure 3.Stavely 3D geological model showing modelled A) surfaces and intrusives, and B) volumes. Spatialof Victoria. Department of Economic distribution and geometries have been informed by geophysical data and constrained by petrophysicalDevelopment, Jobs, Transport and property values. Resources.21 PREVIEW AUGUST 2019'