b'Conference programmeAEGC 2019Deep Crustal Studies I Moho structureof Australia fromprobabilistic inversionof teleseismic P-wavecoda autocorrelation Mehdi Tork Qashqai CSIRO Paper# 244 Integrating faultkinematics into implicit3D modeling of faultnetworks Lachlan Grose Monash University Paper# 118 Metasomatic/depletionevents affectingCratons and cratons Tom Wise Geological Survey ofSouth Australia Paper# 49 Imaging a maficunderplate in 3D: anexample from the EastAlbany-Fraser Orogenand Yilgarn Cratonmargin Lucy Brisbout Geological Survey ofWestern Australia Paper# 199 Exhibition Hall, Grand Ballroom Meeting Rooms 1 - 4 CONFERENCE PROGRAMME CONFERENCE PROGRAMMEMineral Case Studies:GeophysicsSeismic Maximising thevalue of 2D hard rockseismic acquisition atEscondida PorphyryCopper Mine Heather Schijns BHP Paper# 147 Case studies on theapplication of passiveseismic horizontal tovertical spectral ratio(HVSR) surveying forheavy mineral sandexploration Nigel Cantwell Resource Potentials Paper# 282 Refraction tomographyat the Nova Ni-Cu mineIan James Hiseis Paper# 293 Direct Imaging ofAlteration With HighResolution Hard-Rock3D Seismic Data at theDarlot Gold Mine Graeme Hird Hiseis Paper# 345Magnetotellurics I Exploration Strategy/ General Innovations The Science ofKeynote: Alan Jones DiscoveryFromExploration 1.0 to Discovery 2.0 Tim Craske Geowisdom Paper# 48 The power of theKeynote: Alan Jones crowd & open data learnings from the OZMinerals Explorer openinnovation challenge Holly Bridgwater Unearthed Ian Anderson OZ Minerals Paper# 107 What will it takeThe Geosciencesto improve theDeVL Experiment:characterisation ofNew informationdeep mineral depositsgenerated from oldin order to assessmagnetotelluric dataeconomic valueof The University ofearly in the discoveryAdelaide on the NCIHigh Performanceprocess? Computing Platform Joe Cucuzza Nigel Rees AMIRA International National ComputationalPaper# 57 Infrastructure Paper# 138 Estimatinginterpretationuncertainty frommagnetotelluricinversion Janelle Simpson Geological Survey ofQueensland Paper# 278 The Organising Committee reserves the right to alter the programme as circumstances dictatePetroleum explorationand dev case studies Keynote: Dave Moffat Keynote: Dave Moffat The geology of theBrecknock, Callianceand Torosa gas fields,Browse Basin, WesternAustralia Robert Seggie Woodside Energy Paper# 19 The Road to Dorado:Factors Leadingto a Play-OpeningHydrocarbon DiscoveryFrederick Wehr Wehr Advisory Paper# 208 AEGC 2019 PROGRAMME SUBJECT TO CHANGECoal Electromagnetic andelectrical methodsapplied to mappingcoked coalA casestudy from theBowen Basin, EasternAustralia. Jonathan Lowe BHP Paper# 206 Lithologycharacterisation of theroof and floor of theMoranbah measurescoal seam using post-stack and pre-stackseismic inversion Margarita Pavlova BHP Paper# 109 High-productivity,high- resolution3D seismic surveysfor open-cut coaloperations Eric Battig BHP Paper# 151Shallow SeismicInvestigations A 10 kN portableelectromagneticvibrator for near-surface studies Tim Dean Curtin University Paper# 36 Surface passive seismicmonitoring by the localuse of semblance M. Javad Khoshnavaz The University of Tehran Paper# 167 The effects of seismicanisotropy on miningseismology Andrew King CSIRO Paper# 362 An assessment ofarray types andprocessing algorithmsfor microtremorobservations, via theCOSMOS Blind Trials Michael Asten Monash University Paper# 184WABS NCB/Exmouth 1 Shooting for the stars.Unravelling a lateJurassic deepwaterpetroleum system-frontiers for thenext generation ofpetroleum exploration Darren Ferdinando Ginger - a little spice onthe shelf: supra-slumpstratigraphic trappingin the Barrow Sub-basin Steve Moss The variation ofMesozoic rift impact onthe Exmouth Plateauand the depositionalresponse. H.R. Rohead-OBrien Morphometrics ofChannel Belts from theMungaroo Formation,NWS, Australia Tobi Payenberg Lunch Poster Session Room 10401105 1105-1130 1130-1155 1155-1220 12201320 13201340AUGUST 2019 PREVIEW 52'