b'Geophysics in the SurveysNewsGeoscience Australia: The year in reviewUnder Geoscience Australias (GA)depth, and increasing spatial coverage,Highlights of recently completed and Strategy 2028, our priorities continue toleading to a greater understandingongoing surveys (Figure1) include:focus on: of Australias geology and geography.1)AusAEM1 completed in July 2018; Much of our work is focused onconsisting of over 59 000 line km 1)building Australias resource wealth; assessing the resource - energy, 2)supporting Australias communityminerals and groundwater prospectivityat 20km line spacing and covering safety; of the Australian continent. Thisan area of 1 400 000 million km2 of 3)securing Australias water resources; information enables industry towestern Queensland and the Northern 4)managing Australias marineundertake exploration and investmentTerritory. The scale of the dataset and jurisdictions; with decreasing risk and increasedinversion represent a global step-5)creating a location-enabled Australia;confidence. change in AEM surveying and will and no doubt have as much impact as 6)enabling an informed Australia. As previously reported in Februarynational magnetic surveys achieved 2018 (Preview 192), Exploring forfrom the 1980s. Data is available for Geophysics plays a key role across allthe Future (EFTF) is a $100.5 milliondownload through the AusAEM EFTF focus areas. In cooperation with theprogram (20162020) to provide newwebsite and located conductivity state and territory geological surveys,pre-competitive data and knowledgedepth profiles from AusAEM1 will be GA designs new surveys, develops newto attract exploration investment intoavailable through the soon-to-be-approaches, and integrates geophysicalnorthern Australia and parts of Southreleased EFTF portal.datasets with other geoscienceAustralia. The program is a collaboration2)Kidson seismic profile completed information to meet these goals andbetween GA and the governments ofin August 2018; the 872 km traverse provide stakeholders with trusted pre- Queensland, Northern Territory, Westernstarted along the eastern end of competitive geoscience information. Australia and South Australia. A largethe Arunta Province, spanned the proportion of the budget is beingCanning Basin and Paterson Orogen All our data are available to thespent on acquiring new geophysicaland finished along the eastern margin public through the GA website. Thesedatasets, including large regional andof the Pilbara Craton (see tables datasets are evolving through antranscontinental surveys of passive andupdating progress on geophysical iterative process, continually enhancingactive seismic, airborne electromagnetic,surveys). The data has been released resolution, improving imaging atgravity, and magnetotellurics. through the Kidson Sub-basin EFTF Figure 1.GA geophysical survey location map, 20182019. Collaborative undertakings with State geological survey departments noted in tables recording progress on geophysical surveys.9 PREVIEW AUGUST 2019'