b'Canberra observed As is apparent, the vision articulated by the ANO 2019 is highly commendable. However, what must be done by governments, industry and the community in order to address the issues identified and achieve the visionary goals is missing from the document. For the Energy issue, for example, the ANO just states:Manage the transition to renewable sources of electricity, which will be driven by declining technology costs for generation, storage and grid support.Improve energy productivity using available technologies to reduce household and industrial energy use.Develop new low-emissions energy exports, such as hydrogen and high-voltage direct current power.The hard work or heavy lifting (in political speak) involved in managing, improving and developing is not discussed. The report is thin on what must be done and what the Commonwealth and the State governments should do to help, in terms of policy and legislation.I can imagine the Ministers staffers putting out a press release praising the CSIRO for producing this important report and then doing nothing.In fact, in the 2019 Budget, the ANO vision of having strong public and civic institutions has already been attacked by funding cuts, through the death by a thousand cuts of the annual efficiency dividend. The national science agencies such as Geoscience Australia, the Australian Institute of Marine Science and the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and in the social/cultural sector, the National Parks managed by the Commonwealth, the National Library of Australia, the National Gallery of Australia and the Australian Museum have all been allocated reduced funding.The Government will need to change course if public and civic institutions are to stay strong and the vision articulated in the Australian National Outlook 2019 is to be realised.35 PREVIEW AUGUST 2019'