b'Conference programmeAEGC 2019CONFERENCE PROGRAMME CONFERENCE PROGRAMME Thursday 5 September AEGC Conference 2019 programme Crown Conference Convention Centre Developments inInverse Modelling Application ofgrowing- bodypotential-fieldinversion fromdrillholes Kristofer Davis Mira Geoscience Paper# 63 Beyond chi-squared:Additional measuresof the closeness of amodel to data Alan Jones Complete MT SolutionsInc. Paper# 87 Smart stitching:adding lateral priors toensemble inversions asa post-processing step Gerhard Visser CSIRO Paper# 209 Bayesian jointinversion of controlledsource electromagneticand magnetotelluricdata to infer presenceof a freshwater aquiferoffshore New Jersey Anandaroop Ray Geoscience Australia Paper# 75 Exhibition Hall, Grand Ballroom Morning Tea 1010- 1040Iron Ore Exploration II:Mine Scale Drillhole RugosityCorrection for Gamma-Gamma Density Tools A Space ModellingApproach Dragos Gavriliu Terra Logging DataServices Paper# 21 Machine AssistedDrillhole Interpretationof Iron Ore ResourceEvaluation Holes in thePilbara Daniel Wedge Centre For ExplorationTargeting, The Universityof Western Australia Paper# 42 A high resolutionseismic investigationfor shallow iron ore. Ashley Grant BHP Paper# 315 Using Corona to testNMR response of ironore chip samples Kazimierz Trofimczyk BHP Paper# 349Mineral Case Studies:Electromagnetics Geochemistry IV - NewIInnovation andTechnologies Limitations Target detectabilityPhotonAssayEfficient& Bulk Gold Analysis inin regional-scale AEMthe Modern Worldsurveys Chenoa Tremblay David Annetts CSIRO CSIRO Paper# 205 Paper# 144 Driving the paradigmMaking EM systemsand bore logs speakshift of nearsurface explorationthe same language geochemistry usingAaron Davis ultrafine soils CSIRO Ryan Noble Paper# 212 CSIRO Paper# 195 pXRF assessment ofAusAEM Year 1: Somenew magmatic fertilityaspects of qualityindicators in thecontrol and calibration Macquarie Arc Ross Brodie Tristan Wells Geoscience Australia University of Tasmania Paper# 272 Paper# 81 Low-Base FrequencyA framework forHelicopter AEM Datamulti- sensor imagefrom a Square-Wavesegmentation usingSystemHelitemfuzzy collaborativeSquared clustering Adam Smiarowski Tauqir Moughal CGG MultiPhysics CSIRO Paper# 294 Paper# 153 The Organising Committee reserves the right to alter the programme as circumstances dictatePetroleum Systems &Basin Modelling II OverpressureTransmission throughIgneous Intrusions: An unrecognizeddrilling hazard involcanic affectedbasins? Nick Schofield University of Aberdeen Paper# 232 Gippsland Basin 3Dforward modelling inBadlands Xuemei(Linda) YangCurtin University Paper# 240 Understandingthe variability ofsedimentary basinsgravity responsethrough stratigraphicmodelling Vincent Crombez CSIRO Paper# 276 Probabilistic modellingof sedimentary basinevolution usingBayeslands Danial Azam University of Sydney Paper# 324 AEGC 2019 PROGRAMME SUBJECT TO CHANGEArtificial Intelligence inEnergy Exploration Viability of Long- Short Term MemoryNeural Networks forSeismic Refraction FirstBreak DetectionAPreliminary Study Tasman Gillfeather-Clark University of WesternAustralia Paper# 91 An AI approach tousing magneticgradient tensoranalysis for quickdepth and propertyestimation David Pratt Tensor Research Paper# 124 Geophysics and neuralnetworks: learningfrom computer vision Mark Grujic Solve Geosolutions Paper# 246 Deep neural networksfor 1D impedanceinversion Vladimir Puzyrev Curtin University Paper# 330Seismic AcquisitionOnshore Drones as a supporttool for seismicacquisition Shaun Strong Velseis Paper# 23 Quaternary buriedvalley characterizationon the CanadianPrairies using a ShearLand-streamer. Robert Hearst SouthernGeoscience Consultants Paper# 95 Observations ofGeophone SpuriousResonance Steve Hearn Velseis Paper# 339 Recent advances innodal land seismicacquisition systems Tim Dean Curtin University Paper# 382Registration Open Stratigraphy &Sedimentology Bight Keynote: Maritaadshaw Br The seven rocks thatmade Australia National Rock GardenSteering Committee Keynote: MaritaBradshaw Seismic Evidence forSeal and Reservoir inthe Late CretaceousCeduna Delta, GreatAustralian BightBenjamin TredreaMurphy Australia Oil Paper# 383 New insights on theUpper CretaceousTiger Supersequenceof the Bight Basin fromInternational OceanDiscovery ProgramHole U1512 Carmine Wainman University of Adelaide Paper# 14607301630 Room 0830-0855 0855-0920 0920-0945 0945-101059 PREVIEW AUGUST 2019'