b'Branch newsASEG newsBy the time this report goes toDr Peter Milligan, a much loved and print, we will have had another talkrespected Senior Geophysicist at by another new GA groundwaterGeoscience Australia and long-term staff member, Klara Steklova,ASEG Member, passed away earlier titled Hydrogeophysics Crossingthis year. Peter had an extraordinary the Boundaries. Klara says thatcareer specialising in the fields of hydrogeophysics is a relatively newgeomagnetism, magnetotellurics, discipline that uses geophysicalairborne surveying and non-seismic instruments for mapping subsurfacegeophysical data processing. To honour features, estimating porous mediaPeters memory, and his significant properties and monitoring processescontributions to geophysics and the that are relevant to hydrologicalASEG, the ACT Branch has established studies. She will discuss somea $1500 student grant in his name. computational techniques to solveThe Dr Peter Milligan Student Award the coupled problem (such as jointfor Geophysics will be presented inversion) and different ways to linkto an outstanding undergraduate the groundwater and geophysicalor postgraduate student studyingJunes speaker, John Triantafilis, accepting a bottle models. geophysics or a geophysics-relatedof red as thanks for his presentation, from Mark In early August we will have another talkdiscipline in the ACT, including honoursLackie (NSW ASEG President)to be presented by Clive Foss of CSIROand postgraduate students engaged Mineral Resources, titled The enigmaticon projects using geophysical data orgrowing areas using proximal soil pimple magnetic anomalies of the Euclaconcepts. The award will be conferred(geophysical) sensors and pedometric Basin. annually from November 2019, at anmethods. John presented two case open meeting where the successfulstudies which highlighted some of On August 29, GA will host Manikastudent will also give a presentationhis current research projects. In the Prasads SEG Distinguished Instructorof the work which has won them thefirst case study John spoke about Short Course entitled Physics andhonour. It is hoped that this award inhis research in the highly productive Mechanics of Rocks. The course is to alsoPeters memory will help to stimulateBurdekin valley, which showed how be presented at the AEGC conferencestudent interest in the science ofnutrient management farm guidelines in Perth in early September, but this isgeophysics and membership offor Ca and Mg elements are compared a good opportunity for those from thetheASEG. with the efficacy of various proximal eastern states who are not attendingGrant Butlersensed gamma-ray spectrometry and AEGC to attend. https://seg.org/ actpresident@aseg.org.au electromagnetic (EM) data sets. In Education/Courses/DISC/2019-DISC- the second case stud, issues of water Manika-Prasad use efficiency associated with storage New South Wales reservoirs were described in the Ashley irrigated cotton growing area. John New scholarship announcementIn May Doug Morrison fromshowed how EM induction data from bythe ACT Branch Southlands Geophysical Servicesa reconnaissance survey of EM38 and presented a talk entitled MeasuringEM34 instruments could be used to Terrestrial Magnetism 17841949identify where more suitable locations The evolution of the airbornecan be investigated to relocate storages magnetometer for Aerial Survey. Partand supply channels. Johns talk invoked II Measuring on the move. Inductionmuch discussion.Coils, fluxgates, finding U-boats and orebodies. This talk was Part II ofAn invitation to attend NSW Branch Dougs set of talks on the history of themeetings is extended to interstate and acquisition of magnetic data. Doug tookinternational visitors who happen to us through the various developmentbe in town at the time. Meetings are strands of magnetometers thatgenerally held on the third Wednesday of happened before and through WWII.each month from 5:30 pm at Club York. It was quite interesting to learn howMeetings notices, addresses and relevant the magnetometers that we knowcontact details can be found at the NSW developed. Much discussion followed,Branch website. All are welcome.the talk being enjoyed by all.In June John Triantafilis from theMark Lackie University of New South Walesnswpresident@aseg.org.aupresented a talk entitled Digital soilStephanie Kovach mapping in sugarcane and cottonnswsecretary@aseg.org.au7 PREVIEW AUGUST 2019'