b'Branch newsASEG newsASEG Branch newsQueensland their own style in order to keep thoseyear, you can also purchase a dessert societies relevant. Participants also tookwine from Victoria, which was tasted by In May Wayne Stasinowsky presentedthe opportunity to share experiencesthe Victorian ASEG Branch and added an interesting talk on The Magneticand tips. There will be one further getfor distribution in the wine offer. You Tensor: What is it and why shouldtogether later this year, and hopefully, awill receive the heavily discounted wine we use it? Wayne did a great job ofnew programme set up for 2020. offers by email, or you can log onto the explaining the advantages of collectingMembers section of the ASEG website to and using tensor magnetic data forAs always, please get in touch if youplace your order.better identification and definition ofare visiting Brisbane and would be target magnetic bodies. We look forwardinterested in giving a presentation to theWe look forward to a busy end of year, to another presentation from Waynelocal Branch. An invitation to attend ourlook out for email updates or check www.after this technology has been used inmeetings is also extended to all interstateASEG.org.au/events. In the last part of Queensland. or international ASEG Members whothe year we have our annual student happen to be passing through town. honours night, Christmas party, and more In early July Vince Gerry from Koretechnical events to round off the year. If Geosystems was visiting from Canada,James Aldermanyou are reading this and you are not a and offered to give a talk at a Tech nightqldsecretary@aseg.org.au Member, please do come along to one while he was in Brisbane. Kore kindyof our events, we would love to see you sponsored drinks for the night. VinceSouth Australia & Northern Territory there and there is usually something for presented an overview of the workeveryone!Kore are doing with their SPECTOR coreThe ASEG SA/NT Branch has had two imaging system, and demonstrated howfantastic speakers since the last issue ofFor those at AEGC 2019, enjoy. I might the system can use Artificial IntelligencePreview, with the Australian Geosciencesee you there! For everyone else, see you to prepare and classify lithology andCouncils two National Geosciencesoon.alteration from acquired core image data. Champions speaking to our Branch.Kate Robertson At the end of July David King of MarineFirst, on June 20, Emeritus Professorsa-ntpresident@aseg.org.auand Earth Sciences will present onDavid Groves spoke at the Hotel the use of geophysical techniques forRichmond about A Holistic Subduction/geotechnical engineering in the marineMetasomatized Lithosphere Model forTasmaniaenvironment and, on August 20, ManikaOrogenic Gold Deposits. The talk wasThe Tasmanian Branch of ASEG is Prasad will present a one day SEG DISCthought provoking and it was great toassisting in bringing one of the workshop on The Physics and Mechanicssee some geologists attend, with an evenAustralian Geoscience Councils National of Rocks: A Practical Approach.mix of geophysicists and geologists inGeoscience Champions, Dr Marita Reminders and registration details will bethe audience. I even managed to scoreBradshaw, to Hobart. She is featuring in sent by email. a signed copy of Davids first geologytwo events. The first of these is a National As well as Technical Talks a number ofnovel, The Plagues Protocol, part of hisScience Week public outreach event that other initiatives have been underway.aim to popularise geology! You can findis also part of Hobarts regular Science Congratulations to geophysics studentshis books online if youre interested in ain the Pub series. Marita will be regaling Adam Wright (QUT), Callum Kowalskigreat read. the punters on An Australian Energy Mix (UQ) and Harrison Button (UQ), whoOn August 1 Dr Marita Bradshaw spokefor the Anthropocene. The presentation were awarded grants by the Queenslandabout Australian petroleum explorationwill be in the PechaKucha format (https://Branch of the ASEG to attend AEGC a game for long term players back atwww.pechakucha.com/), with which 2019 in Perth. Students were required tothe Coopers Alehouse. Again, this wasyour correspondent has no experience, submit a letter to the Branch Committeea geology talk, but the geophysicistslet alone this version in which teams outlining why they wanted to attend thewere not shy and were there in numbersof theatre sports actors improvise a conference, and what they hoped theyalongside their geologist colleagues.scene to each presentation. Your guess would get out of the experience. WeMarita provided an overview ofis as good as mine, but it promises to hope they enjoy the conference and lookpetroleum exploration in Australia andbe highly entertaining, informative and forward to receiving their written reports. had some great insights for everyone inpossibly even provocative. Its being the audience. held from 67:30 pm on Thursday 15 In July the QLD Branch also held aAugust, upstairs at the Republic Bar in mid-term gathering of the ASEG-PESAOn August 16 we host our annual WineNorth Hobart. Hopefully there will be a mentoring programme, with aboutTasting event, where the wine for thelive stream if youre interested but cant half of the participants attending.annual national ASEG Wine Offer ismake it.Doug Young of the Australian Instituteselected in a blind tasting by a very of Geoscientists (AIG) was the guestcapable panel of invited guests as aMaritas second Hobart event will speaker, and he explained how therecognition for their current or pastpresumably be a bit more conventional, equivalent AIG programme hadcontributions to the ASEG. After greatbeing part of the University of expanded from humble beginnings tosuccess last year with the sparkling wineTasmanias School of Earth Sciences/the whole of Australia. It was important,(107 cases sold), we kept the sparklingCODES regular seminar series. All he said, that young professionalscategory this year along with the redsare welcome to get Maritas insights recast their professional societies inand whites. As an additional offer thison Themes in Future Australian AUGUST 2019 PREVIEW 4'